Campi Flegrei, Naples

Campi Flegrei, Naples - Address, Ticket Price

Address: Phlegraean Fields 80078 Pozzuoli, Metropolitan City of Naples Italy

Ticket Price: 5 EUR

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Time Required: 01:30 Hrs

Timings: 08:30 am - 06:00 pm Details

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About Campi Flegrei, Naples

You know how Vesuvius exploded at Pompeii around two thousand years ago and spoilt everyone’s day? If the volcano under this caldera blows, it will make Vesuvius look like a child’s temper tantrum. You’re not even seeing the whole caldera here, for most of it is actually under the waters of the gulf. The fields you are here to see is actually the crater of the Solfatara volcano. It does not do much other than emit steam and sulphurous fumes, but that can be pretty cool. The field has many fumaroles and mud pools. The Sanctuary of San Gennaro, a 16th century church, is on the edge of the fields. There’s a campsite if you don’t mind spending the night breathing in sulphur.

Trivia: Pozzuoli is Sophia Loren’s hometown.

Campi Flegrei Information

  • You’re not allowed to bathe in the mud.

Campi Flegrei Opening and Closing Hours

  • Actual closing time is 1 hour before sunset.

How To reach Campi Flegrei by Public Transport

  • Take the MET, Metropolitano and REG trains from Napoli Centrale stop Pozzuoli Solfatara.
  • Cumana Train to Pozzuoli from Napoli Centrale.

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Campi Flegrei, Naples Reviews

  • Interesting visit, easy to get to on metro line 2. It is amazing to think that this is just one of twenty creators which Mark up a large callers, mostly undersea , scary. Glad we made the effort

  • Wasn't quite sure what to expect when visiting this place but definitely glad I did so. The desolate caldera opens up on you quite unexpectedly; its vast size, the lack of life and the smell and sight of potted sulphur vents making it seem very other-worldly - almost as though human beings shouldn't really be there. Couldn't resist taking a closer look at some of the vents but paid for it in the form of some sulphur-stained clothing. Wear something old (or cover up well) would be my advice to those who follow after me!

  • swimming in lava is a once in a life time opertunity

  • Warning! Stay away from this (super) Volcano. It 's a riskey site!

  • I hope it doesn't erupt

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