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An attraction gaining popularity amongst tourists, Piazzetta Nilo, Naples is now making it to the list of every traveler. And here we are, to give you a glimpse of what it would feel like when you visit!

As you can see, we have the address and all the necessary logistics noted here. If you find any information missing, and you have visited Piazzetta Nilo, Naples before, feel free to add information like address, contact number, ticket price and timings. To help us make the experience of your fellow travelers easy and fun, you can also contribute to this page by sharing your inputs and experiences. What’s more, if you think you have the perfect click that will not only impress, but also allure travelers to Piazzetta Nilo, Naples, you can add that too!

We also have all that you will need when you visit Piazzetta Nilo, Naples. For all those road trippers, gas stations in the vicinity. If you’re looking for parking spots nearby, many parking lots are at your disposal. For all those relying on public transport during your tour, we already have the suitable transport options listed for you. Having said that, it will be helpful to note the nearest bus stations, and the nearest railway stations for planning your route.

ATMs and Banks are some of the available ones near Piazzetta Nilo, Naples. The first rule of travelling is to be prepared for contingencies, so, to help you plan for such events, Public Safety Stations are available. Also, to make sure you are well and good all throughout your visit, do keep in mind the pharmacies in the vicinity.

For all kinds of travelers, whether it be solo, with family, friends or any other kind, one thing that is very important for research, plan, and most importantly execute, is internet! So, if you are looking for internet cafes near Piazzetta Nilo, Naples, you will find some of them like internet cafes to be very efficient. On your Naples tour, if you would like to know more about the popular, as well as lesser known tourist spots, you will find one of the nearest tourist center.

Heading onto accommodation near Piazzetta Nilo, Naples, you will find some of the best options in the vicinity. While the top hotels are already listed on the page, it wouldn’t hurt to add to the list!

Food in Naples is a whole different experience! You will find incredible options from bars to diners and restaurants to cafes, all set to give you the best experience! If you are looking for a place to drink and eat near Piazzetta Nilo, Naples, do take some of these into consideration. For all those brew-lovers, there are some great places. And for those who can’t rid themselves of the sweet aroma of coffee and cake, head out to a café. If you are in a large group or have little time to indulge in elaborate meals, you can always opt for a quick bite at any one of the casual places. Offering you a range of cuisines from all around the world, some restaurants near Piazzetta Nilo, Naples, there are some perfect options! You can also treat yourself to some exquisite dishes special to the city of Naples. Try out specialty places for an incredible experience!

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  • Banca della Campania SPA Via Ponte di Tappia 72
    0.938 km away
  • Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SPA Via Miguel Cervantes de Savaedra 55
    0.889 km away
  • Deutsche Bank Via dei Mille 44
    1.983 km away
  • Banca di Credito Popolare Via Galileo Ferraris 183
    2.715 km away
  • Banca della Campania SPA Via Santa Brigida 43
    1.134 km away
  • Banca della Campania SPA Riviera di Chiaia 285
    2.131 km away
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  • Questura di Napoli Via Medina 75
    0.69 km away
  • Ministero Interno Direzione Generale della Pubblica Sicurezz Via Centro Direzionale, IS.F4
    2.522 km away
  • Questura Piazza Gian Battista Vico 45
    2.141 km away
  • Commissariato di Polizia - Vomero - Ufficio Passaporti Via Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo 33
    2.362 km away
  • Polizia Via San Cosmo Fuori Porta Nolana 44
    1.314 km away
  • Polizia/Posti di Polizia Via Pignasecca
    0.716 km away
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  • Padovani Marco Via Luca Giordano 144
    2.36 km away
  • Farmacia Loreto Gallo Via Michelangelo Schipa 25
    2.975 km away
  • Farmacia di Lullo Dr. Lorito Via Genova 27
    1.63 km away
  • Farmacia Tedesca Piazza Carolina 14
    1.522 km away
  • Farmacia San Carlo Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 218
    1.722 km away
  • Farmacia Poerio Via Alessandro Poerio 48
    1.025 km away
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  • La Garconne Vico Santa Maria a Cappella Vecchia 9
    1.943 km away
  • Starbestcoffee Via Mezzocannone 91
    0.188 km away
  • Herr Daniel Via Angelica Kauffman 15
    2.314 km away
  • Frank Malone Via Tito Angelini 13
    1.582 km away
  • Bar Capriccio Via Carbonara 39
    0.893 km away
  • Gran Caffè Cimmino Via Filangieri 12
    1.861 km away
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  • Bourbon Street Via Bellini 52
    0.465 km away
  • Around Midnight Via Giuseppe Bonito 32
    1.812 km away
  • Marabù Club Via Gioacchino Toma 5
    2.076 km away
  • Bourbon Street Jazz And Spirits Bar Via Vincenzo Bellini 52
    0.469 km away
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  • Tutta Nata Storia Via San Gennaro al Vomero 16
    2.123 km away
  • Slash Via Vincenzo Bellini 45
    0.495 km away
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  • L'Ebbrezza di Noè Vico Vetriera 9
    1.907 km away
  • Merliani 360 Via Giovanni Merliani 50
    2.292 km away
  • Convivium Colonna by Enoteca Mercadante Piazza Amedeo 16
    2.221 km away
  • Archivio Storico Via Alessandro Scarlatti 30
    1.822 km away
  • Il Caffe Arabo Piazza Bellini
    0.347 km away
  • Vintage Via Bernini, 37a
    2.09 km away
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  • Birdy's Bakery Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 14 a
    2.056 km away
  • Pericotti Giuseppe-Eredi Grieco Clara Via Giordano Luca 81
    2.359 km away
  • Moccia Via San Pasquale a Chiaia 21-22 E Via Posillipo 20
    2.212 km away
  • Pace Ciro Via Nazionale 84
    1.764 km away
  • La Focaccia dal 1962 Coppola Antonio Via Saverio Altamura 19
    2.611 km away
  • Charcuterie esposito Via Benedetto Croce 43
    0.132 km away
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  • Morrigan Via Morghen 72A
    1.774 km away
  • Joker Via F. de Mura 35
    2.262 km away
  • Burnin' Beer Room Via Sebastiano Conca 2
    2.115 km away
  • Good Fellas Via morghen
    1.874 km away
  • Iorio Antonio Riviera di Chiaia 106
    2.88 km away
  • Tilgher Club Via Guido Cortese 24
    2.897 km away
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  • Gran Caffè Ciorfito SAS Via San Biagio dei Librai 91
    0.273 km away
  • DEA Cafè Viale Michelangelo 85
    1.679 km away
  • Ristorante Pub Birreria Orange Riviera di Chiaia 205
    2.53 km away
  • Gran Caffè La Caffettiera Piazza dei Martiri 26
    1.985 km away
  • L.U.I.S.E Via Partenope 7
    2.174 km away
  • La Ciofeca Cafè Piazza Immacolata 3
    1.894 km away
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  • Pasticceria Poppella Scognamillo Ciaro Via Arena della Sanità 24
    1.008 km away
  • Siani senza glutine Via Domenico Fontana 47
    2.354 km away
  • Pasticceria Raffaele Via Geronimo Carafa 38
    2.107 km away
  • Carbone Angelo Largo Regina Coeli 4
    0.398 km away
  • Pasticceria Mignone Piazza Cavour 145
    0.769 km away
  • Santoro Raffaele SAS Via Simone Martini 113
    2.84 km away
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  • Gelatosità Via Mario Fiore 2
    2.068 km away
  • Fantasia Gelati Amicarelli Via Francesco Cilea 80
    2.808 km away
  • Gelateria Il Bacio Piazza Nazionale 48
    1.91 km away
  • Fantasia Gelati di Amicarelli Mario Rosario Piazza Vanvitelli 22
    2.072 km away
  • Il Gelatiere Via San Pasquale a Chiaia 15
    2.251 km away
  • Gelateria Al Polo Nord SNC Via Colletta Pietro 41
    0.678 km away
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  • Da Ettore Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 95
    1.307 km away
  • Donna Sofia ai Tribunali Via dei Tribunali 89
    0.33 km away
  • Ristorante Napoli Mia Riviera di Chiaia 269
    2.227 km away
  • Trattoria e Pizzeria Antica Capri Via Speranzella 110
    1.283 km away
  • La Figlia del Presidente Via del Grande Archivio 23
    0.308 km away
  • Mojito Via Bausan 58
    2.379 km away
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  • Punch And Judy Via Bisignano 56
    1.985 km away
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  • Ristorante Bella Cina Calata San Marco 15
    0.943 km away
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  • Steak House di De Biase Gennaro Piazzetta Aniello Falcone 2
    2.524 km away
  • Steak House Piazzetta Aniello Falcone 2
    2.532 km away
  • La Carnalona Via Luca Giordano 99
    2.383 km away
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  • Spiedo d'Oro Via Pasquale Scura 52
    0.76 km away
  • Al Vino 29 Via Enrico Alvino 29
    2.192 km away
  • I fritti di Serafino Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini
    2.093 km away
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  • Sale e pepe Via Belisario Corenzio 16
    2.46 km away
  • Vecchia America SNC Via Giambattista Ruoppolo 101
    2.403 km away
  • Hornbill Via Raffaele de Cesare 35
    1.874 km away
  • Hades Live Music Pub Via Gemito 20
    2.63 km away
  • L' Insolito London Pub Via Salvator Rosa 247
    1.31 km away
  • Orange Piazza Rodino
    1.886 km away
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  • Fashion Wok Via Cristoforo Colombo 3
    0.998 km away
  • Ru. Yi Via Don Luigi Sturzo 78
    2.541 km away
  • Drago d'oro Via del Chiostro 21
    0.624 km away
  • La Muraglia Via Giulio Cesare Cortese 8
    0.563 km away
  • Ristorante Cinese Giada Via Nardones 115
    1.409 km away
  • Ristorante Bambù Via Cristoforo Colombo 52
    0.837 km away
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  • Ambrosino Via Alessandro Scarlatti 49
    1.967 km away
  • L.U.I.S.E. Via Toledo 266
    1.233 km away
  • Imperatore SAS Viale Colli Aminei 66
    2.842 km away
  • Friggitoria Vomero Via Domenico Cimarosa 44
    2.032 km away
  • Genovese Vincenzo Via Domenico Cimarosa 41
    2.041 km away
  • Antichi Sapori Fratelli Canfora Via Santa Lucia 16
    1.749 km away
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  • Muu Muuzzarella Lounge Vico II Alabardieri 7
    1.889 km away
  • La Taverna del Brigante Via Giuseppe Martucci 75
    2.423 km away
  • La cantina dei Lazzari Via Santa Lucia 145
    2.082 km away
  • Fish Experience Largo Antignano 12
    2.35 km away
  • Pizzeria Trattoria Cilea Via Cilea
    2.64 km away
  • Valù Vico Lungo del Gelso 80
    1.079 km away
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  • I Tre Fratelli Via Pietro Castellino 119
    2.755 km away
  • Giappo Sushi Bar Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 2
    2.011 km away
  • La Bersagliera Borgo Marinari 10
    2.196 km away
  • Jap-One Vico Santa Maria A Cappella Vecchia 30
    1.96 km away
  • La Scialuppa Piazzetta Marinari 5
    2.317 km away
  • Ampressa Ampress' SAS Via Lavinaio
    0.93 km away
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  • Ambulante Via Francesco Girardi 28
    0.898 km away
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  • La Ratatouille Via Giovanni Bausan 57
    2.375 km away
  • Chipstar Via Alessandro Scarlatti 186
    2.422 km away
  • Trattoria Castel Nuovo Piazza Francese 42
    0.966 km away
  • Chips & Beer Via Carducci 17
    2.202 km away
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  • Sharm El Sheik Kebab Ristorante Indino Piazza Garibaldi 76
    1.375 km away
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  • Amici Miei Via Monte di Dio 78
    1.771 km away
  • Zi Teresa Borgo Marinari 1
    2.333 km away
  • Il Pomodorino Via San Carlo 27
    1.235 km away
  • La Cantina di Via Sapienza Via della Sapienza 40
    0.388 km away
  • 7 Soldi Vico Tre Re a Toledo 6
    1.109 km away
  • La Stanza del Gusto Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 100
    0.402 km away
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  • Kukai Nibu Via Carlo de Cesare 52
    1.392 km away
  • Marshal Clubbing Via Riviera di Chiaia 268
    2.25 km away
  • Hachi Ristorante Giapponese Via Luca Giordano 33
    2.392 km away
  • Kukai Via Carlo de Cesare 52
    1.399 km away
  • Konoha Sushi Via Aniello Falcone 163
    2.412 km away
  • Cilea Via Francesco Cilea 43
    2.659 km away
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  • El Moccolo Via Giovanni Bausan 5 chiaia
    2.338 km away
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  • Terrazza Calabritto Piazza Vittoria 1
    2.109 km away
  • La Taverna a Santa Chiara Via Santa Chiara 6
    0.244 km away
  • Mangiafoglia Via Carducci 32
    2.112 km away
  • Antica Capri Via Speranzella 110
    1.286 km away
  • La Campagnola Via Tribunali 47
    0.242 km away
  • Osteria La Chitarra Rampe di S. Giovanni Maggiore 1
    0.309 km away
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  • Pizzeria Dalle Figlie di Iorio Via Conte Olivares 73
    0.644 km away
  • Pizzeria A'Pizzettata Via Belvedere 27
    2.663 km away
  • SoloPizza Via Medina 55
    0.846 km away
  • A Casa di Federico Via Duca di San Donato 7
    0.626 km away
  • Trattoria Medina Via Medina 32
    0.92 km away
  • Antica Pizzeria dell'Angelo Piazzetta Nilo 16
    0.016 km away
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  • Trattoria A Pignata Vico Lungo del Gelso 110
    0.913 km away
  • Attori e Spettatori Via S. Lucia 21
    1.736 km away
  • Pescheria Mattiucci Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 27
    2.006 km away
  • Crudo Re Piazza Vittoria 11
    2.197 km away
  • Baccalaria Piazzetta di Porto 4
    0.561 km away
  • Lombardi 1892 Via Foria 12
    0.784 km away
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  • Nexxt Pub & Grill Via Riviera di Chiaia 273
    2.2 km away
  • Viktoria Platz Via Guglielmo Sagrera 11
    1.955 km away
  • La Cueva Via Giuseppe Martucci 14
    2.528 km away
  • Ristorante La Locanda del Nero Via Chiatamone 53
    2.153 km away
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  • Zen 2 Vico I. Quercia 5A
    0.507 km away
  • Tender Vico Santa Maria a Cappella Vecchia 5
    1.954 km away
  • Nero Sushi Japanese Restaurant Via Partenope 12
    2.195 km away
  • Zenbu Via Massimo Stanzione 2
    2.353 km away
  • Nori Sushi Bar Piazza dell'Immacolata 1
    1.901 km away
  • Yao Sushi Chiaia Via San Pasquale a Chiaia 1
    2.318 km away
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  • Parisi Antonio Viale Colli Aminei 31
    2.588 km away
  • De Stefano Maurizio Via Reggia di Portici 87
    2.68 km away
  • G.S.M. SRL Via Acton Ferdinando Ammiraglio
    1.008 km away
  • Ambrosino Giovanni Via Emanuele Gianturco 111
    2.83 km away
  • Db Traderoil SRL Via Alcide de Gasperi 55
    0.688 km away
  • Ettari Francesco Via Napoli Roma 180
    1.124 km away
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  • Garage Turistico Via Alcide de Gasperi 14
    0.754 km away
  • Autorimessa Belvedere - SAS di Esposito Raffaella e C. Via Francesco Cilea 167
    2.997 km away
  • Ge.Market SRL Via Raffaele Stasi
    2.265 km away
  • La Rondine SRL Piazzale Immacolatella Nuova
    0.831 km away
  • Sa.Ge.Gar. SAS di Santopaolo Vincenzo Vico Santa Maria A Cappella Vecchia 8
    1.937 km away
  • Garage Vittoria Piazza Mario Pagano 21
    0.952 km away
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  • Esso Napoli Piazza Gian Battista Vico Piazza Gian Battista Vico
    2.127 km away
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  • Stazione Napoli Centrale Piazza Garibaldi
    1.404 km away
  • Stazione di Napoli Centrale Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 91
    1.515 km away
  • Piazza Cavour - stazione M2 Piazza Cavour
    0.717 km away
  • Trenitalia SPA Corso Novara 10
    1.468 km away
  • Ferrovie Dello Stato Direzione Compartimentale Uffici Ufficio Legale Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1
    1.09 km away
  • Ferrovie Dello Stato Societa di Tras. e Servizi Per Azioni Via Emanuele Gianturco 108
    2.829 km away
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  • Robby's House B&B Via San Nicola dei Caserti 5
    0.715 km away
  • La Controra Hostel Naples Piazzetta Trinità Alla Cesarea 231
    1.353 km away
  • Fiorentini Residence Via dei Fiorentini 21
    0.739 km away
  • Napoli Centrale Piazza Garibaldi 26
    1.117 km away
  • Art Suite Principe Umberto Piazza Principe Umberto 35
    1.175 km away
  • Belle Arti Resort Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 27
    0.483 km away
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  • Hostel of Sun Via Melisurgo 15
    0.917 km away
  • Hostel Mancini Via P.S. Mancini 33
    0.942 km away
  • B&B Napoli Sea Via Chiatamone 6
    2.119 km away
  • Bed & Breakfast Pisolo Corso Vittorio Emanuele 487
    1.17 km away
  • 6 Small Rooms Via Diodato Lioy 18
    0.579 km away
  • Naples Pizza Hostel Via San Paolo ai Tribunali 44
    0.383 km away
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