How to Reach Nara


  • By Air: Having no airport of its own, flights to Nara city land at the Kansai International Airport.
  • By Train: Regular express trains as well as local trains run to and from Osaka and Kyoto to Nara. If you are visiting from other parts of Japan, board a shinkansen (bullet train) for Kyoto and then board a local or an express train from Kyoto to Nara.
  • By Boat: Frequent busses run between Nara and nearby cities and towns.


  • By Bus: The bus network of Nara is well connected and has regular interval busses running between different parts of the city. They also connect railway stations of Nara.
  • By Bicycle: The best way to travel around Nara is by bicycle. Bike rentals cost anywhere between ¥500 to ¥700 a day.
  • By Taxi: Hiring a taxi is possible. However, it proves to be costly when compared to bus and bicycle.
  • By Walking: Nara is a very compact city and can easily be explored on foot.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Nara. The most preferred mode of transport in Nara is Bike.

Average distance: 13.4 km Average time: 34.2 min

  • Bike 40%
    Bike 14 min Walking 2.5 min Other 2.5 min Overall average time for 2.5 kms 19 min
  • Train/Metro 20%
    Train 45 min Walking 14 min Waiting 2 min Overall average time for 31 kms 61 min
  • Walking 20%
    Walking 1 min Driving 1 min Overall average time for 1 kms 2 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 20%
    Tram 30 min Train 15 min Walking 15 min Waiting 10 min Overall average time for 30 kms 70 min
Route Distance Time
Kyoto to Nara 26.98 km 26 mins
Osaka-shi to Nara 36.48 km 36 mins
Nagoya-shi to Nara 126.16 km 2 hours 6 mins
Hamamatsu to Nara 211.49 km 3 hours 31 mins
Sagamihara to Nara 400.44 km 6 hours 40 mins
Hyatt regency tokyo to Nara 437.04 km 7 hours 17 mins
Tokyo to Nara 441.77 km 7 hours 21 mins
Tokyo station to Nara 445.15 km 7 hours 25 mins
Seoul to Nara 1006.17 km 16 hours 46 mins
Taoyuan city to Nara 1744.9 km 29 hours 4 mins
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