Best Time To Visit Narkanda

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Best Time To Go To Narkanda

Narkanda is a beautiful small town with displaying its raw beauty in almost every season. There is something new and unique to checkout and explore in each season.

  • Summer: The months between April to June are the best time to visit the city of Narkanda. It is beautiful and lush green around here during this time. The temperatures make the whole weather just pleasant and perfect.
  • Winter: The months between October to February mark the winter months in the city of Narkanda. It is not a very time or month explore the city and its is very chilly and cold here during these months. The temperatures range between minus 15 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius. These months are the best months for skiing and all sorts of winter sports.
  • Monsoon: The months of July, August and September mark the monsoon months here. The place experiences temperate rainfall here during this time.

The best time to visit Narkanda would be in the months of April to June as the temperatures are high enough during these months and it stays pleasant.

    We will be updating things to do in Narkanda soon.