Best Things To Do in Natal, Brazil

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  • Ponta Negra: Natal’s most visited beach, many visitors claim that the beach has lost its charm; the attendance every summer is still quite impressive. Check out the Morro do Careca, a dune that looks like it’s either coming in or out of the sea.
  • Genipabu (beach and dunes): For all those of you who want to experience a true Brazilian beach sans the crowd and dirt, head to the Genipabu beach. Located a little outside of the city, Genipabu with its dunes, sands and warm water makes a perfect getaway. A day trip here will take up almost all of the day, so plan accordingly.
  • Forte dos Reis Magos: Standing tall at the city’s peninsula, the Forte dos Reis Magos is a spectacular structure which the city owes its existence to. Occupied for a Dutch for a years, the fort has done a good job keeping all invaders at bay. The vistas offered from inside the fort of the city that lies behind it and the ocean ahead of the fort are simply beautiful. Signage is available in both Portuguese and English.

Below we have a list of things to do in Natal and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Natal getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Natal with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Natal

Here is the list of things to do in Natal and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Pirangi Cashew Tree

    4.6 (184 Votes)
    Pirangi Cashew Tree

    Outdoors, Forest, Nature

    Prepare to have your socks knocked off as the feeling of how magnanimous nature can really be, dawns on you! The Pirangi Cashew Tree from the outside looks like a forest from the outside, but as you venture closer to the root of the forest, a surprise await you. The forest is, in fact, just one tree that has grown and spread like a forest. This 117 year old tree produces almost 80,000 nuts annu...Read more
  2. Ponta Negra

    4.7 (151 Votes)
    Ponta Negra

    Outdoors, Beach, Walking Area

    The most popular tourist spot of Natal, the Ponta Negra beach is 2.5 kilometers long and is a thriving source for the tourism industry. A lot of the city’s tourism has been built around the Ponta Negra neighbourhood. Prior to turning it into a hotspot for visitors, the beach served as a source of livelihood for local fisher folk. The most famous point of interest of the beach is the Morro...Read more
  3. Forte Dos Reis Magos

    4.3 (110 Votes)
    Forte Dos Reis Magos

    Historical Site, Architecture , Fort

    A structure worthy of its name, the Forte dos Reis Magos looks spectacular standing alone, looking fierce at the tip of the city, ready to guard Natal even today. An impressive five-sided fort, built in the 16th century, the city would not have existed if it wasn’t for the Forte dos Reis Magos. Controlled by the Dutch for a short period of time, the fort has done well to protect Natal fro...Read more
  4. Parque Das Dunas

    4.7 (140 Votes)
    Parque Das Dunas

    Outdoors, Forest, Park, Nature

    The second largest urban park in Brazil, the 9 mile long Parque das Dunas is a real treat for anyone looking for some quiet time. It’s the perfect place to sit and contemplate after a day’s worth of sightseeing. The Atlantic Forest takes up 1,172 hectares of the park complete with dunes and ample of places for you to sit and enjoy the greenery surrounding you.
  5. Genipabu

    4.7 (126 Votes)

    Beach, Boating

    The second most popular beach of Natal, the Genipabu is particularly famous for its heavenly combination of the sun, sand, dunes and the warm water. Dubbed as one of the five most visited attractions, the dunes of the beach are so prominent that you can actually take a dune buggy ride. Camel back rides too are available; half an hour boat rides and snowboarding down the dunes are also some of t...Read more
  6. Lake Jacuma

    Beach, Water Body, Adventure, Lake

    It is a lagoon, located in the state of Rio Grande de Norte which is 33 kilometer away from Natal. Its beach has handles, lined with coconut palms. The positive point of this beach is that it is surrounded by rocky barriers making it safe for taking sea bathing. When you arrive at the lake, get down on the summit of the dune to get on to the ‘Aero Bunda’- a ‘tirolaise’ w...Read more
  7. Barra De Cunhau

    Beach, Water Body, Lake, Nature

    Located in the municipality of Canguaretama, Barra de Cunhau is a beautiful clear water lake with coconut trees lining the border, giving the perfect impression similar to the Atlantic Sea. The beaches are calm and extensive strip of sand land let you take a stroll for as long as you want. The reef along the coastline forms small natural pools where you can swim. A perfect destination for famil...Read more
  8. Barra De Punau

    Beach, Water Body, Walking Area, Restaurant

    Located 65 kilometers away from Natal, this beautiful tourist reserve is surrounded with coconut trees and dunes. It is this place where the rive Punau meets the sea, forming a beautiful location for people to visit. Its picturesque beauty has attracted many television commercials to shoot their video over here. The river is perfect to try sea bathing and kayaking. Many restaurants and hotel ne...Read more
  9. Pirangi Do Norte Beach

    Bar, Beach, Water Body, Restaurant

    If crowded urban beach is not your choice, come to Pirangi do Norte beach. Located 20 kilometers away from the downtown area of Natal, this beach is part of the famous Pirangi Beach. The water over here is calm, making it ideal for trying water activities. Even the soft white sand beach of the beach is often used for sports competitions. Moving a bit away from the shore, new natural swimming po...Read more
  10. Camurupim Beach

    Beach, Water Body, Walking Area

    Barely 45 kilometers away from Natal, the Camurupim Beach, is a nice quiet beach to spend quality time with friends and family. It has huge reef, forming a chain of grottos and coves. It makes the coast line suitable for bathing and swimming. You even don’t even have to worry about high waves as the sea is quite calmer on this part of the coastline. Hence, you can allow your kids to have ...Read more
  11. Lagoa De Carcara

    4.7 (149 Votes)
    Lagoa De Carcara

    Walking Area, Water Sport, Boating

    Popularly known as Pond Carcara, this lagoon is located in the municipality of Nisia Forest. Its picturesque beauty makes the lagoon more beautiful than Arituba and the Pitangui. Highlighted feature – you can go for boating with the available pedal boats. Other activities like swimming and kayaking is possible.
  12. Barra De Tabatinga

    4.6 (151 Votes)
    Barra De Tabatinga

    Beach, Walking Area

    An hour drive from Natal will take you to this beautiful calm beach named Barra de Tabatinga. The beach is surrounded by reefs keeping the large waves out of the coastline. Hence, the beach is safe for children to play around with water. The primary attraction of the beach is the dolphins that you get to see by the end of the afternoon. As dolphin swims towards the coast, you can touch them as ...Read more
  13. Newton Navarro Bridge

    View Point, River, Bridge

    It is one of the biggest ‘cable-stayed bridges’ of Brazil, located in Natal and named after a local artist, Newton Navarro. It connects the northern part of the city with the southern part and other regions, crossing over Potengi River. The sole purpose of the construction of this bridge was to reduce the heavy traffic in Igapo Bridge. This bridge also reduces the travel distance to...Read more
  14. Praia Dos Artistas

    4.4 (98 Votes)
    Praia Dos Artistas

    Bar, Beach, Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Located closely to the center of the city, this beach receives high number of footfalls during peak season. This is because the beach is great for sunbathers and the sea waves are calm enough to enjoy nice swimming and surfing for some hours. The golden sand and the clear blue water of the coast make the beach look more beautiful. For appetite, kiosks and restaurants serving food and drinks are...Read more
  15. Redinha Beach

    4.4 (83 Votes)
    Redinha Beach

    Beach, River, Food And Drinks

    Popularly known as the front door of the north zone, it is an urban beach offering stunning view of the Potengi River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. It a nice place to hang out with friend and family. Lots of kiosks offering foods and drinks are available. So, you can just grab a beer can and some food from any of the kiosks, sit on the sand and enjoy yourself time.