How to Reach Naxos


The small island of Naxos is easily reachable via two primary modes of transport- sea, and air.

  • By AIR: Naxos has a small airport with many charter flights from major European cities as well as flights from Athens. Between May and October, direct flights from Austria are available on weekends.
  • By WATER: Naxos enjoys multiple connections through the water. High-speed catamarans and ferries run regularly to and from mainland Piraeus and nearby islands. Some operators that offer ferry services include Blue Star Ferries, Sea Jets, Small Cyclades Lines, Hellenic Seaways, and Aegean Speed Lines. This is the most commonly used and convenient mode of transport to reach the island.

Alternatively, you can hire a sailboat or motorboat to reach the island. Make sure you have a captain’s license for these vehicles or you will have to negotiate with the owner of the boat.


With a good public transportation system, it is easy to get around the island.

  • The best way to explore the island is on foot. Many footpaths and pedestrianized areas make it easy to walk around the towns in Naxos.
  • Cycling is another common and preferred mode of transport at the island. Cycles on rent are easily available on the island and are a great way to explore the local culture.
  • Every village on the island has a bus service and the buses are easily accessible. Make sure you purchase a ticket before boarding the bus.
  • The roads of Naxos are well maintained which is why a good option to get around the city is renting a scooter, car or quad bike. The weather might get windy and the roads feature steep drops which is why renting quad bikes and cars are safe options you can consider to explore the local area.