Chauchilla Cemetery

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Witness the unique process of burying the dead according to Nazca culture by getting access into the Chauchilla Cemetery. There are a number of family tombs which were constructed from mud and bricks to bury the dead of a particular family. As it has now become an important archaeological site, burying had been restricted here. Thus the skeletons which are there in the site are all above 700 years ago. You will notice that the dead are covered with embroidered cotton clothes and painted with resin for the mummification process. Still many dead bodies of the Chauchilla Cemetery have been found with hairs on their heads and soft skin-type tissue on their bodies.

How to Reach Chauchilla Cemetery

  • Rented car/taxi

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Chauchilla Cemetery Reviews & Ratings

  • The twelve excavated graves give a good picture of the burial rites of the Icachincha culture. In the rectangular graves you can see mummies (some with meters long hair strands), skulls, bones and burial gifts. Very interesting and educational.

  • 30-40 min drive from Nazca city. Be sure to get trusted driver. I went with PeruHop recommended outfitter. A must see.

  • Around 40 min driving from Nazca lies fhis old cemetary. It consists of multiple holes in the ground containing preserved sitting bodies, which is both amazing and lugubrious at the same time. Surrounding the cemetary are mountains and rocky grounds, proving you with a great view. Such a shame that so much was damaged before it was protected. Highly recommend

  • Interesting necropolis of about 12 tombs with very well conserved Nazca mummies surrounded by stunning rocky mountains and desert. However the tombs are all pretty similar and definitely not worth the price of 50 soles, especially considering that our guide did not accompaign us and provided infos when visiting the tombs. Perhaps getting to Chauchilla with no guide by taxi for 30 soles is a better option

  • A old cementary 20min out of of the centre of Nazca. This place is an old archaeological site from Inca times. This Inca burial ground has open graves and give you a good look how they burried there dead. There are 12 of this look-in graves. Most of them are still in good condition. Lots of other graves have been plundered by tomb raiders.

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