Events and Festivals in Negril

  • January:  New Year Celebrations: Dance away the night and enjoy the all night celebrations till the wee hours of the morning. Bring in the fresh New Year in all its glory and splendour. Tourists from all over the world come here to party in high gear.
  • February: February 5 – 12 Bob Marley celebration. Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash is a weeklong celebration in Negril. There are live concerts by present day artists paying their respect to the father of Reggae.
  • Between February 3- 21 there is the One Love Concert series. Jamaica’s favourite artists perform live entertainment for this annual reggae music festival.
  • March: It is Spring Break in Negril this month, and is packed with musical events, live concerts, at various locations which are local hot spots.
  • March 1-21: Soca music, also known as The Soul of Calypso, is a genre of Caribbean music that originated within a marginalized subculture in the Trinidad and Tobago in the late 1970s, and developed into a range of style in the 1980s and later. Party every night with this festival called Bacchanal Jamaica. This isn’t something you can work into a rigid itinerary planner, so go with the flow.
  • April: April 6 – 12 finds Negril celebrating Good Friday and Easter. The festival is a feast with local food and music taking place on the beach.
  • On the 21st of April, join the Jake’s Off Road Triathlon in Treasure Beach. The islands most athletic people run and cycle at Jake’s and you can join them for this sporting event.
  • June: The Jamaica International Jazz festival is held between June 9 and 17. Enjoy live music shows and concerts across the islands throughout the night in true Jamaican style.
  • July: International Reggae Day is celebrated on the 1st of July. Reggae music is true local music and it has become international over the years. It has crossed the globe as a musical ambassador for Negril.
  • July 14 – 21: For the annual Reggae Sumfest international musicians travel from all over the world to take part in live concerts. Watch Jamaicans pour in from all over the island into the city for good fun and libations. From sunset to sunrise, its one big party!
  • August: On the 1st of August Emancipation Day is celebrated. It is the country’s Independence Day and the birth of a new nation. Join the party to rejoice in their freedom and take part in the great fun and festivities the Jamaicans provide.
  • August 2 – 4 is the Dream Weekend and A.T.I Weekend. Here the weekend is spend in major music events and live concerts.
  • October: Lucea Across the Harbour Swim & Regatta is all about boat racing and one of the largest events in Negril. The meet also includes swimming and regatta, a sporting event consisting of a series of yacht races.
  • November: Between the 13- 20 is a festival called Restaurant Week. It is a weeklong celebration of local cuisine with fixed rates meals at some of the best restaurants. So come taste the best for less!
  • December: The Reggae Marathon is held on the 1st of December and as the name suggests you get to enjoy the best action. They organise prizes and awards for runners in various categories such as the High School Girls and Boys Championships, Running club, and corporate championships.
  • December 25th is Christmas in Negril. Spend Christmas day in Negril Jamaica and enjoy the special holiday in the country with the most churches per capita than any other nation. You do not have to be religious to appreciate the power of Christmas in Negril with all day celebrations and activities taking place.
  • December 26, is Boxing Day .Join locals and tourists alike for Boxing Day in Negril and enjoy a holiday celebration event in Jamaica with great food, music and fun for the whole family.

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