How to Reach Negril


  • By Air: There’s no airport at Negril. From the airport at Montego Bay, it is an 81km (50-mile) drive southwest to Negril, a trip that usually takes 2 hours but could take more or less, depending on traffic conditions.
  • By Taxi: A licensed taxi between Montego Bay and Negril will cost about US$60. In Montego Bay, call the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association.
  • By Minibus: Dozens of minibuses and route taxis run between Negril and Montego Bay. The journey is for an hour and half and you may need to change vehicles in Lucea. Minibuses and route taxis also leave for Negril from Donald Sangster International. They might be hard to work into an itinerary planner.


  • On Foot: Many places in Negril are walking distance from each other.
  • By Taxi: Red Taxi services are provided throughout Negril, but minibuses are also a popular transportation.