How to Reach Nevsehir


  • By Air: The best way to get in Nevsehir is by boarding a flight form Istanbul. The flight duration is 1 hour 15 minutes. Nevsehir airport lies at about 30 kilometers from the city center. You can choose from buses, shared/private taxis, to travel from the airport to the city center.
  • By Road: You can get to Nevsehir from absolutely any part of Turkey by road. By car if you wish to or regular bus operators. There are both day-time as well as overnight buses to this city, depending on your place of boarding.


  • On Foot: Given its tiny size, the best way to get around Nevsehir is on foot.
  • Dolmuses: There are some DolmuÃ…Yes or mini buses that help you getting around Nevsehir. These are a great way to see all the popular Nevsehir attractions lying within the city limits as well as outside.
Route Distance Time
Adana to Nevsehir 163.68 km 2 hours 43 mins
Icel to Nevsehir 167.01 km 2 hours 47 mins
Ankara to Nevsehir 238.8 km 3 hours 58 mins
Konya to Nevsehir 257.56 km 4 hours 17 mins
Kahramanmaras to Nevsehir 263.88 km 4 hours 23 mins
Gaziantep to Nevsehir 327.53 km 5 hours 27 mins
Bartın to Nevsehir 383.88 km 6 hours 23 mins
Isparta to Nevsehir 468.98 km 7 hours 48 mins
Antalya to Nevsehir 474.32 km 7 hours 54 mins
Sakarya to Nevsehir 520.45 km 8 hours 40 mins