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New Caledonia Overview

The country of New Caledonia is a special protectorate of France, located in the South Pacific Sea. This country is part of the Melanesia group of countries. The main island of Grande Terre, Belep Archipelago, the Chesterfield Islands and the Loyalty Islands along with few other islands combine to form the country of New Caledonia. This country has the largest biodiversity in the world in terms of per square kilometer, lots of plant and animal species are found only in these islands. So, your New Caledonia travel guide will include exploring these natural wonders of the country.

The Process of Acquiring New Caledonia Visa

There is no separate application required for New Caledonia visa if you stay for less than 90 days. A valid passport with more than six months validity beyond your stay in the country is required. Your passport should have bank pages for stamping purposes.

The Best Season for Visiting New Caledonia

The sea breeze mitigates the generally hot temperatures of the region, keeping it between 25 degrees to 17 degrees, the coldest this region gets in August. The comparatively cooler period between May to September is the best time to visit New Caledonia. The atmosphere is drier and there is less humidity during these months. From November to February, the weather gets hotter with frequent thundershowers and even cyclones, which can be severe.

Best Tourist Attractions in New Caledonia

There are a variety of sea-based activities you may enjoy in this beautiful and vibrant country. Trying your hand at underwater spearfishing is one of the top things to do in New Caledonia. Alternatively, deep-sea diving for salvaging shipwrecks or surfboarding are other popular sea activities. The coral reefs off the island of Noumea or the Ouvea Island’s lagoon are best places to enjoy swimming and other sea-based activities like watching whales. The Grand Terre Island and Mont-Dore are two of the best places to visit in New Caledonia offering sweeping vistas of the islands.

Transportation Options in New Caledonia

Thecountry has high-quality bus services for tourism; Kaaruia Bus Service for the Noumea area offers coach services to all the major locations of interest. This option may solve the problem of how to reach New Caledonia tourist destinations in the capital. There are good quality private taxis available for hire throughout the major islands. The TchouTchou Train is a fun-filled train ride for tourists in the capital, or you may consider hiring a “car-scooter” for an eco-friendly travel solution.

Local Food and Hotels of New Caledonia

The ‘Bougna’, which consists of any type of meat, fruitbat and crabs stewed with taro and yam wrapped in banana leaves over a coal fire, is the most popular dish of this region. Venison sausages and a variety of seafood are also local delicacies. The ‘Kava' is the local beer served in a Kava bar. Strong French and European influences are evident at the classy restaurants in Noumea. The Le Lagon Hotel or the L'Escapade Island Resort in Noumea offers some of the best accommodations in New Caledonia.

The salient pointers mentioned above will surely be of assistance in planning your dream vacation in New Caledonia.

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