14 Best Things To Do in New Milford, Pennsylvania

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New Milford, a beautiful and breathtaking place, located in Pennsylvania, is a picturesque borough, famous for exquisiteness and beauty. 

From visiting historical bridges and museums to modern day adventure parks and bookstores, there are lots of things you would want to do when in New Milford. It is a perfect Victorian-era place that balances the past and present with equal élan and should not be missed during your trip to the United States. There are always a horde of things to do in New Milford that include getting a history tour, eating freshest food, and even attending entertaining community events. Let’s have deeper look at top tourist attractions in New Milford

Here's the list of 14 best things to do in New Milford:

1. Priesthood restoration site

The Priesthood restoration site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a must-visit for those who love to explore history and culture. Many ancient artifacts and sculptures belonging to the church have been beautifully restored and exhibited. The gardens are well-maintained with seasonal flowers blooming in abundance. The entire façade of the site gives the feel of being in heaven if you believe in one. The highlights of the Priesthood restoration site are the Sugar Bush Grove trees that have been gracing the main walkway for decades.  

 2. Have a feast at the Green Gables

For those who love eating fresh and, organic vegetables would love Green Gables for the variety of crunchy salads prepared here. From potato salad to coleslaw, and even saucy macaroni salad, the entire feast here is prepared from home-grown vegetables with amazing taste. Green Gables, apart from being a salad bar also serves great beer from all over the world. 

3.  Ricketts Glen State Park

For those who love camping under the stars, walking in the woods and getting drenched in falls and streams, visiting Ricketts Glen State Park would be a memory for the lifetime. Visit Ricketts Glen State Park is a must when at New Milford. The park is open for the public throughout the year for hiking, even though during winters many areas are restricted due to heavy snow. A large number of locals throng the park for swimming in the crystal blue waters of the falls. There are also ample opportunities for great pictures for photography enthusiasts. 

4. Hang out with kids at the Animal Adventure Park

This park, housing over 200 animals of 80 species, is a haven for animal-lovers. With clean, hygienic, and well-kept enclosures for wild animals, there are the host of activities that attract kids here. The animals here include rare monkeys, giraffes, tigers, and spiders. A few are allowed to be even fed by the visitors by buying food buckets from the counters. There are also many interactive activities for the kids like helping the keepers clean the enclosures. The keepers are well-versed with the animals and are friendly. 

5. Relive history at the Old Mill Village Museum

For the history buffs, a visit to the Old Mill Village museum would be nothing short of a tour of the past of this beautiful county. Apart from statues, sculptures and life works of many historical figures including freedom fighters, writers, and painters, the museum that was set up around 50 years back is also a great place to hang out amidst nature. The Village shop outside the museum offers freshly baked goods. It also offers souvenirs and handmade gifts at the Village Mercantile. The museum hosts various outdoor activities for the locals as well as tourists throughout the year that bring different aspects of the American history and heritage alive. 

6. Celebrate art at Susquehanna County Historical Society 

The Susquehanna County Historical Society is one of the best places to visit in New Milford for those who love art and paintings. The Society houses artifacts once owned by county residents and some major artworks of famous American painters. There is also a large collection of genealogical information on local families of the area. 

7. Shoot for fun at EMR Paintball Park

For those who love to play Paintball, the EMR Park is the perfect place to unwind with family. The park has both indoor and outdoor Paintball playing areas that have been erected for a fun-filled, safe and friendly environment. There are also concept fields, speedball fields and woodsball fields that provide the players with different varieties and levels of this adrenaline-jumping shooting game. 

8. Quench your thirst at Endless Brewing

For the beer lovers, Endless Brewing is the place to be when visiting New Milford. Set up by Jon Winans and Morgan Kelly a decade ago, this brewery serves fresh, organic beer and also gives a detailed tour to the visitors. The brewery also offers free tasting of its six prized flavors, of which Endless Honey Amber has been rated amongst the best by most visitors. Nestled in the middle of hills, the brewery also hosts an annual beer festival to encourage more tourists to nearby Salt Springs. 

9. Visit the historical Old Mill Bridge

Built in 1850, the historical Old Mill Bridge in New Milford is a must-visit in the itinerary of every traveler. Constructed in the Lattice pattern with a total length of 29 feet, the bridge currently is a foot trail across a small stream. This pretty-looking bridge is closed for traffic but is among the reminders of the county’s rich historical past. 

10. Visit the Anti-Slavery museum

Since Pennsylvania was among many states where slavery was common, this Anti-Slavery Museum is an eye-opener. The museum features various objects, credentials, and exhibits detailing the rich history of anti-slavery activity in the county and how the movement began. This museum is a must visit for the history buffs and those interested in the roots of American culture and heritage. 

11. Shop for antiques at Books and Prints

New Milford is among the few towns in the United States that have retained the old-world charm it was once associated with. And there are many stores here that give you a full insight into what life was in America until a few centuries ago. Books and Prints is one such store that sells paperback versions of many old classic American novels along with pictures and posters of writers. It also has an antique section where one can shop for timeless classics like watches, clocks, and small furniture. 

12. Climb to the top of The Knob

The Knob is a 400-foot bluff just at the entrance of the town’s main thoroughfare. It is a 20-minute steep climb and totally worth it, as you can see the entire New Milford with all its might from here. The Knob is a perfect place to click pictures that describe the breathtaking beauty of the town. 

13. Enjoy the Endless Mountains Theatre Company

Those who love watching music, art and dance have a one-stop destination to quench their thirst for contemporary arts. The Endless Mountains Theatre Company brings in a community theatre that not only provides entertainment but also promotes local talent. The company organizes plays and dramas for tourists and locals along with many workshops throughout the year. 

14. Do memorable rafting and canoeing at the Poconos

Rafting and canoeing at the Poconos along the Delaware River, that flows through New Milford is one activity that no adventure buff should miss. Many rafting companies like the Kittatinny Canoes offer services and even instructors to teach and help in canoeing. During the summers, it is always advisable to book the tour in advance since most people in the county love surfing and hence many times you may not even get a chance to step on the riverside. 

Visit New Milford during the summers brings in a lot of fun and adventure activities one can indulge in with the whole family. Just book a trip and have the time of your lives.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in New Milford, Pennsylvania

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    Old Mill Village Association

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    Address: RR 848, New Milford, PA 18834, USA

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    Lakeside Community Church Image

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    Address: RR 2, New Milford, PA 18834, USA

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    Judy Truex Welch

    Nice church. Has a lot of activies for children. Has a lot of concerts. Just a wonderful place.

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    First Baptist Church Image

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    Address: 977 Main St

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    Sandy Cicon

    Best ever

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    Harford Fair Grounds Image

    Address: 485 Fair Hill Rd, New Milford, PA 18834, USA

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    Debra Bruce

    If anyone gos you must stop and get your self a gyro,fresh cut everything even the french 🍟 are fresh cut right in front of you and they have the best squeezed lemonade. You can also sit under the ...

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    Christ Episcopal Church Image

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    Address: 115 Main St, P.O. Box 406

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    Mary Mary

    I have been going to this church since 1998. For 13 years it was every Sunday but then I moved. I try to get back once a month. It's a small but very friendly congregation. They welcome new people. Th...

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    First United Methodist Church Image

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    Address: 69 Pratt St, P.O. Box 436

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    Linda Monte

    Excellent, alive God’s home for you and your family to teach tradition and values! Join us on Sunday mornings at 11 Am. All are welcome and we are looking forward to your visit. One big happy God...

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    South New Milford Baptist Church Image

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    Address: 2967 Harford Rd

    Timings: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm Details
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    Valerie Senese

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    Oneida Campground & Lodge Image

    Address: 2580 E Lake Rd, P.O. Box 537

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details
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    Mike Parks

    First time visiting here this last weekend of June 2018. Had a good time other campers were laid back and very friendly. The place overall is very large and seemed more spread out than other LGBT camp...

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    Hillside Campgrounds Image

    Address: 948 Creek Rd

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details
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    B 232

    Great friendly place. We will definitively come back. We camped over Labor Day weekend and met some wonderful people and we went on a fantastic nature walk. Great top of the hill party.

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