How to Reach New York City

How to reach New York City


  • By Air: Two major international airports serves flights to/ from New York to almost every corner of the world. They are John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. John F. Kennedy  International Airport has connecting railways – JFK AirTrain. MTA NYC buses also serve from the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport is connected with the center of the city via AirTrain Newark rail, New Jersey Transit Bus – 62 and other NJT buses. LaGuardia Airport  is the domestic airport of New York. From this airport, local buses are there to reach the city.
  • By Bus: Buses to/ from New Jersey, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are available to reach New York.
  • By Car: If you are coming by car, you can take main routes like: L-76/L-78 from western New Jersey; L-80 from Midwest and Western United States; L-87 from Upstate New York and Montreal, Canada; L-95 from eastern seaboard of the United States.
  • By Boat: New York has always been an important passenger sea port in the world. 


  • By Buses and Subways: Public buses and subways are available to travel around the city. You can find lots of NYC tours to explore the city on bus.
  • By PATH(Port Authority Trans-Hudson): This subway is convenient to travel within the city.
  • By Commuter Rail: Commuter rails are used to travel to/ from the city to/from the suburban region.
  • By Taxi: Yellow cabs and Green Boro cabs are there to move around the city.
  • By Ferry: Staten Island Ferry, New York Waterway and New York Water Taxi serves ferry service to different points of the city.
  • By Car: you can move in a car if you know the parking regions quite well. 

Modes of Transportation in New York City

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in New York City. The most preferred mode of transport in New York City is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 18.39 km Average time: 45.01 min

  • Train/Metro 48.44%
    Train 31.35 min Walking 9.29 min Waiting 5.77 min Other 0.1 min Overall average time for 14.39 kms 46.52 min
  • Walking 12.5%
    Walking 17.44 min Driving 3.78 min Bus 1.88 min Waiting 1.26 min Train 1.25 min Bike 0.05 min Other 0.01 min Overall average time for 4.18 kms 25.66 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 3.13%
    Bus 52.5 min Train 15 min Waiting 10 min Walking 5 min Overall average time for 25.75 kms 82.5 min
  • Car 21.88%
    Driving 48.93 min Walking 0.21 min Overall average time for 36.75 kms 49.14 min
  • Bike 4.69%
    Bike 26 min Other 8.33 min Walking 2.33 min Overall average time for 6.97 kms 36.67 min