Westlight, New York City

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Address: 22nd Floor, The William Vale Hotel, 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

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Timings: 12:00 am - 02:00 am Details

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About Westlight, New York City

Westlight, is situated in the New York City, United States. Westlight is a nice place to visit in this area.

Travel information that can help you plan your visit is provided on this page. Have you been to this place? If yes, then help us improve the travel experience to Westlight for other users by giving us information regarding this place. You can contribute to this Westlight page by giving your inputs on the content, opening hours, images.

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If you need any help in case of emergencies when you are near the Westlight, here is a list of the safety stations nearby. From police stations to gas stations and from ATMS to banks, this page provides you with all the essential information to help you tackle the problems.

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Can't live without internet? Fret not, this page also lists some Internet cafes which may help you out with internet services near Westlight.

Planning a trip to Westlight but not sure about what all to include in the itinerary? Check out the list of best New York City itineraries and guided tours to Westlight which have been already created by the users. This will help you to know the best places to visit near Westlight, New York City. Also get the estimated budget of the trip with these itinerary suggestions and with the cost of trip feature. You can also plan a vacation to the city with this New York City trip planner. In addition, know more about the New York City with this list of best things to do in New York City.

Find places near Westlight, New York City

  • Name: Bank of America ATM Address: 266 Broadway
    Distance: 1.503 km away
  • Name: Bank of America ATM Address: 399 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.969 km away
  • Name: Bank of America ATM Address: 560 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.836 km away
  • Name: Bank of America ATM Address: 110 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.82 km away
  • Name: Bank of America ATM Address: 550 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.72 km away
  • Name: Wells Fargo ATM Address: 459 E 12th St
    Distance: 2.262 km away
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  • Name: Chase Bank Address: 255-257 First Ave
    Distance: 2.404 km away
  • Name: Chase Bank Address: 109 Delancey St
    Distance: 2.674 km away
  • Name: Citibank Address: 1 Court Sq
    Distance: 2.984 km away
  • Name: Chase Bank Address: 819 Grand St
    Distance: 1.801 km away
  • Name: Chase Bank Address: 726 Grand St
    Distance: 1.639 km away
  • Name: Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Address: 100 McGuinness Blvd
    Distance: 0.826 km away
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  • Name: Brooklyn 90th Precinct Police Address: 211 Union Ave
    Distance: 1.822 km away
  • Name: NYPD 94th precinct Address: 100 Meserole Ave
    Distance: 0.623 km away
  • Name: NYPD - 7th Precinct Address: 19 1/2 Pitt St
    Distance: 2.336 km away
  • Name: NYPD - 108th Precinct Address: 547 50th Ave
    Distance: 2.31 km away
  • Name: New York Police Department Address: 230 E 21st St
    Distance: 2.717 km away
  • Name: New York City Police Training Address: 235 E 20th St
    Distance: 2.724 km away
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  • Name: Vernon Blvd Pharmacy Address: 4815 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.416 km away
  • Name: CVS Pharmacy Address: 338 E 23rd Street Btwn 1st and 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.556 km away
  • Name: Walgreens Address: 755 Broadway
    Distance: 2.761 km away
  • Name: CVS Pharmacy Address: 500 Grand St
    Distance: 2.313 km away
  • Name: CVS Pharmacy Address: 859 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 0.828 km away
  • Name: Duane Reade Address: 4702 5th St
    Distance: 2.586 km away
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  • Name: Bantry Bay Publick House Address: 3301 Greenpoint Ave
    Distance: 2.424 km away
  • Name: Hayaty Address: 103 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.287 km away
  • Name: The Roost Address: 222 Avenue B
    Distance: 1.961 km away
  • Name: The Library Address: 7 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.45 km away
  • Name: Alewife Queens Address: 514 51st Ave
    Distance: 2.239 km away
  • Name: The Wayland Address: 700 E 9th St
    Distance: 1.782 km away
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  • Name: Cibar Address: 56 Irving Pl
    Distance: 2.955 km away
  • Name: The Gibson Address: 108 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.258 km away
  • Name: St Marks Theater Address: 85 E 4th St
    Distance: 2.791 km away
  • Name: Ten Degrees Bar Address: 121 Saint Marks Pl
    Distance: 2.284 km away
  • Name: Above Allen Address: 190 Allen St
    Distance: 2.658 km away
  • Name: Mr. Purple Address: 180 Orchard St
    Distance: 2.6 km away
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  • Name: Knitting Factory Address: 361 Metropolitan Ave
    Distance: 0.887 km away
  • Name: 5C Cafe and Cultural Center Address: 68 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.899 km away
  • Name: Rue B Address: 188 Avenue B
    Distance: 1.975 km away
  • Name: Hotel Chantelle Address: 92 Ludlow St
    Distance: 2.712 km away
  • Name: Jules Bistro Address: 65 Saint Marks Pl
    Distance: 2.531 km away
  • Name: Duane Park Address: 308 Bowery
    Distance: 2.994 km away
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  • Name: Waterfront Ale House Address: 540 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.808 km away
  • Name: Standings Address: 43 E 7th St
    Distance: 2.723 km away
  • Name: Barfly Address: 244 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.84 km away
  • Name: Stillwater Bar & Grill Address: 78 E 4th St
    Distance: 2.795 km away
  • Name: Gramercy Ale House Address: 272 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.867 km away
  • Name: Call Box Lounge Address: 2 Lombardy St
    Distance: 1.393 km away
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  • Name: Risotteria Melotti Address: 309 E 5th St
    Distance: 2.683 km away
  • Name: Bibi Address: 211 E 4th St
    Distance: 2.233 km away
  • Name: Lois Address: 98 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.844 km away
  • Name: Cork 'N Fork Address: 186 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.175 km away
  • Name: Bluebell Cafe Address: 293 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.855 km away
  • Name: Gramercy Park Bar Address: 322 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.596 km away
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  • Name: Dunkin' Donuts Address: 356 McGuinness Blvd
    Distance: 1.473 km away
  • Name: Dunkin' Donuts Address: 809 Grand St
    Distance: 1.758 km away
  • Name: Dunkin' Donuts Address: 13 Graham Ave
    Distance: 2.603 km away
  • Name: Tompkins Square Bagels Address: 165 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.208 km away
  • Name: Westway Bagel Address: 749 Flushing Ave
    Distance: 2.664 km away
  • Name: Dunkin' Donuts Address: 100 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.469 km away
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  • Name: Tarallucci e Vino Address: 163 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.428 km away
  • Name: Pink Canary Desserts Address: 1311 Jackson Ave
    Distance: 2.55 km away
  • Name: Rabbithole Restaurant Address: 352 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 1.196 km away
  • Name: Bakeri Address: 105 Freeman St
    Distance: 1.359 km away
  • Name: Abracadabra Brooklyn Address: 347 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 1.217 km away
  • Name: Yonah Schimmel's Knishes Bakery Address: 137 E Houston St
    Distance: 2.779 km away
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  • Name: Transmitter Brewing Address: 5302 11th St
    Distance: 2.046 km away
  • Name: The Brew Inn Address: 924 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 1.025 km away
  • Name: Brooklyn Brewery Address: 79 N 11th St
    Distance: 0.068 km away
  • Name: New York Distilling Company Address: 79 Richardson St
    Distance: 0.818 km away
  • Name: Greenpoint Beer and Ale Address: 7 N 15th St
    Distance: 0.327 km away
  • Name: Kombucha Brooklyn Address: 630 Flushing Ave
    Distance: 2.577 km away
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  • Name: Pita Palace Address: 413 Graham Ave
    Distance: 1.162 km away
  • Name: Koneko Address: 26 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.283 km away
  • Name: The Ides Bar Address: 80 Wythe Ave
    Distance: 0.066 km away
  • Name: Nhà Minh Address: 485 Morgan Ave
    Distance: 1.584 km away
  • Name: Simple Cafe Address: 346 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 1.17 km away
  • Name: Starbucks Address: 154 N 7th St
    Distance: 0.472 km away
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  • Name: Bingbox Snow Cream Co. Address: 125 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.696 km away
  • Name: This Chick Bakes Address: 3131 48th Ave
    Distance: 2.827 km away
  • Name: Rawsome Treats Address: 212 E Broadway
    Distance: 2.699 km away
  • Name: Wowfulls Address: 90 Kent Ave
    Distance: 0.478 km away
  • Name: BITEME Cheesecakes Smorgasburg Address: 27 N 6th St
    Distance: 0.49 km away
  • Name: Mini Melanie Address: 115 Allen St
    Distance: 2.823 km away
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  • Name: 321 Ice Cream Shop Address: 288 Grand St
    Distance: 1.017 km away
  • Name: Ice & Vice Address: 221 E Broadway
    Distance: 2.662 km away
  • Name: Dairy Queen Address: 27 Graham Ave
    Distance: 2.539 km away
  • Name: Baskin-Robbins Address: 243 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.817 km away
  • Name: Mikey Likes It Ice Cream Address: 199 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.187 km away
  • Name: Davey's Ice Cream Address: 137 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.444 km away
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  • Name: Printland Shipping Address: 799 Grand St
    Distance: 1.747 km away
  • Name: NYC Public Wifi Hotspot Address: 80 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.495 km away
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  • Name: Juice Vitality Address: 192 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.387 km away
  • Name: Juice Press Address: 3100 47th Ave
    Distance: 2.933 km away
  • Name: Juice Generation Address: 210 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.584 km away
  • Name: The Squeeze Address: 196 Graham Ave
    Distance: 1.919 km away
  • Name: Foxy Greens Address: 181 Havemeyer St
    Distance: 1.277 km away
  • Name: Jamba Juice Address: 95 E Houston St
    Distance: 2.931 km away
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  • Name: Grass Roots Juicery Address: 336A Graham Ave
    Distance: 1.393 km away
  • Name: Bembe Address: 81 S 6th St
    Distance: 1.402 km away
  • Name: Pyramid Club Address: 101 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.284 km away
  • Name: The Bowery Electric Address: 327 Bowery
    Distance: 2.95 km away
  • Name: Duff's Address: 168 Marcy Ave
    Distance: 1.481 km away
  • Name: Flinders Lane Address: 162 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.184 km away
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  • Name: Blend on the Water Address: 4540 Center Blvd
    Distance: 2.891 km away
  • Name: Bull McCabe's Address: 29 Saint Marks Pl
    Distance: 2.737 km away
  • Name: Taproom No. 307 Address: 307 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.873 km away
  • Name: Shades of Green Address: 125 E 15th St
    Distance: 2.932 km away
  • Name: Shoolbred's Address: 197 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.628 km away
  • Name: Dan and John's Wings Address: 135 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.449 km away
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  • Name: Shi Address: 4720 Center Blvd
    Distance: 2.646 km away
  • Name: 1 Or 8 Address: 66 S 2nd St
    Distance: 1.121 km away
  • Name: Bozu Address: 296 Grand St
    Distance: 1.032 km away
  • Name: Ako Address: 205 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.589 km away
  • Name: SenYa Address: 109 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.486 km away
  • Name: Early Edition Gallery Café Address: 97 Montrose Ave
    Distance: 1.914 km away
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  • Name: B Side Address: 204 Avenue B
    Distance: 1.955 km away
  • Name: Daddy's Address: 435 Graham Ave
    Distance: 1.106 km away
  • Name: Coyote Ugly Address: 153 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.431 km away
  • Name: Dokebi Bar & Grill Address: 199 Grand St
    Distance: 0.912 km away
  • Name: Macri Park Address: 462 Union Ave
    Distance: 0.989 km away
  • Name: Mable's Smokehouse Address: 44 Berry St
    Distance: 0.118 km away
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  • Name: McDonald's Address: 741 Grand St
    Distance: 1.644 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: 736 Broadway
    Distance: 2.659 km away
  • Name: Maiella Address: 4610 Center Blvd
    Distance: 2.789 km away
  • Name: Molly's Address: 287 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.847 km away
  • Name: Early Address: 967 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 1.139 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: 146 Delancey St
    Distance: 2.516 km away
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  • Name: Hunan Bistro Address: 96 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.841 km away
  • Name: Wu's Wonton King Address: 165 E Broadway
    Distance: 2.915 km away
  • Name: Sam's Spring Roll Address: 23 Essex St
    Distance: 2.862 km away
  • Name: Mimi Cheng's Dumplings Address: 179 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.627 km away
  • Name: Zing's Awesome Rice Address: 122 Ludlow St
    Distance: 2.651 km away
  • Name: Xi'an Famous Foods Address: 81 Saint Marks Pl
    Distance: 2.471 km away
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  • Name: Subway Address: 334 Grand St
    Distance: 2.823 km away
  • Name: Depanneur Address: 242 Wythe Ave
    Distance: 0.707 km away
  • Name: Subway Address: 577 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.91 km away
  • Name: Saltie Address: 378 Metropolitan Ave
    Distance: 0.919 km away
  • Name: Freshco Grocery & Deli Address: 97 Stanton St
    Distance: 2.608 km away
  • Name: Russo Mozzarella & Pasta Address: 344 E 11th St
    Distance: 2.47 km away
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  • Name: Tina's Place Address: 1002 Flushing Ave
    Distance: 2.994 km away
  • Name: Joe Jr Restaurant Address: 167 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.803 km away
  • Name: Bobwhite Counter Address: 94 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.852 km away
  • Name: Zafis Luncheonette Address: 500 Grand St
    Distance: 2.304 km away
  • Name: Dorian Cafe Address: 1001 50th Ave
    Distance: 2.309 km away
  • Name: The Kitchen Sink Address: 88 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.713 km away
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  • Name: Mughlai Indian Cuisine Address: 329 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.884 km away
  • Name: Chipotle Mexican Grill Address: 286 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.343 km away
  • Name: Reunion Address: 544 Union Ave
    Distance: 0.733 km away
  • Name: Kossar's Bialys Address: 367 Grand St
    Distance: 2.74 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: 213 Madison St
    Distance: 2.891 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: 404 E 14th St
    Distance: 2.338 km away
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  • Name: Santa Salsa Address: 594 Union Ave
    Distance: 0.601 km away
  • Name: Mud Address: 307 E 9th St
    Distance: 2.613 km away
  • Name: Wafels & Dinges Address: 15 Avenue B
    Distance: 2.206 km away
  • Name: The Halal Guys Address: 30-20 Thompson Ave
    Distance: 2.981 km away
  • Name: Tacos Morelos Address: 25 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.418 km away
  • Name: Korilla BBQ Address: 23 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.857 km away
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  • Name: Anyway Cafe Address: 34 E 2nd St
    Distance: 2.832 km away
  • Name: Cafe Henri Address: 1010 50th Ave
    Distance: 2.291 km away
  • Name: Pates Et Traditions Address: 52 Havemeyer St
    Distance: 0.83 km away
  • Name: Lucien Address: 14 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.619 km away
  • Name: Brasserie Witlof Address: 292 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.931 km away
  • Name: Riverpark Address: 450 E 29th St
    Distance: 2.403 km away
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  • Name: Khushboo Indian Restaurant Address: 6 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.251 km away
  • Name: The Chinese Club Address: 208 Grand St
    Distance: 0.945 km away
  • Name: Vatan Address: 409 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.978 km away
  • Name: Punjabi Grocery & Deli Address: 114 E 1st St
    Distance: 2.509 km away
  • Name: The Royal Munkey Address: 438 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.68 km away
  • Name: Moharani Indian Takeaway Restaurant Address: 185 Norman Ave
    Distance: 1.034 km away
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  • Name: El Castillo De Jagua Address: 521 Grand St
    Distance: 2.248 km away
  • Name: Continental Address: 25 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.865 km away
  • Name: Kafana Address: 116 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.82 km away
  • Name: Edi & the Wolf Address: 102 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.833 km away
  • Name: El Rinconcito Address: 408 E 10th St
    Distance: 1.713 km away
  • Name: Moustache Address: 265 E 10th St
    Distance: 2.31 km away
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  • Name: Cucina & Tavola Address: 235 Grand St
    Distance: 0.943 km away
  • Name: Bella Via Restaurant Address: 4746 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.477 km away
  • Name: Juniors Cafe Address: 4618 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.712 km away
  • Name: La Taverna Address: 946 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 1.076 km away
  • Name: Mama Bella Restaurant Address: 457 Bushwick Ave
    Distance: 2.837 km away
  • Name: PT Restaurant Address: 331 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 1.151 km away
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  • Name: Izakaya Address: 326 E 6th St
    Distance: 2.6 km away
  • Name: Yopparai Address: 151 Rivington St
    Distance: 2.42 km away
  • Name: Soy Address: 102 Suffolk St
    Distance: 2.473 km away
  • Name: Bar Goto Address: 245 Eldridge St
    Distance: 2.73 km away
  • Name: Ivan Ramen Address: 25 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.311 km away
  • Name: International Bar Address: 120 1/2 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.452 km away
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  • Name: Turntable 5060 Address: 235 E 4th St
    Distance: 2.153 km away
  • Name: K'Ook Address: 324 E 6th St
    Distance: 2.602 km away
  • Name: Fat Buddha Address: 212 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.162 km away
  • Name: The Whales Address: 71 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.373 km away
  • Name: Bistro Petit Address: 170 S 3rd St
    Distance: 1.178 km away
  • Name: Yakiniku West Address: 218 E 9th St
    Distance: 2.784 km away
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  • Name: Don Pancho Villa Restaurant Address: 189 Borinquen Pl
    Distance: 1.315 km away
  • Name: Fitzgerald's Pub Address: 336 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.91 km away
  • Name: The HorseBox Address: 218 Avenue A
    Distance: 2.152 km away
  • Name: Mee Cafe Address: 26 Rutgers St
    Distance: 2.962 km away
  • Name: Cafe Colette Address: 79 Berry St
    Distance: 0.27 km away
  • Name: El Rey Address: 100 Stanton St
    Distance: 2.596 km away
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  • Name: Ravagh Persian Grill Address: 125 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.471 km away
  • Name: Manducatis Rustica Address: 4635 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.663 km away
  • Name: Lighthouse Address: 145 Borinquen Pl
    Distance: 1.294 km away
  • Name: Mazeish Grill Address: 137 Rivington St
    Distance: 2.486 km away
  • Name: Love Cafe & Bar Address: 430 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.675 km away
  • Name: 12 Chairs Cafe Address: 342 Wythe Ave
    Distance: 1.086 km away
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  • Name: L'industrie Pizzeria Address: 254 S 2nd St
    Distance: 1.174 km away
  • Name: Speedy Romeo Address: 63 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.367 km away
  • Name: Ria Bella Pizza Address: 1049 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 1.407 km away
  • Name: Solo Pizza Address: 27 Avenue B
    Distance: 2.178 km away
  • Name: Il Porto Address: 37 Washington Ave
    Distance: 2.885 km away
  • Name: Gnocco Address: 337 E 10th St
    Distance: 2.024 km away
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  • Name: Amber Steakhouse Address: 119 Nassau Ave
    Distance: 0.729 km away
  • Name: Extra Fancy Address: 302 Metropolitan Ave
    Distance: 0.856 km away
  • Name: Urban Rustic Address: 236 N 12th St
    Distance: 0.481 km away
  • Name: Bait & Hook Address: 231 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.618 km away
  • Name: Ikura Sushi Address: 646 Grand St
    Distance: 1.507 km away
  • Name: Grand Ferry Address: 229 Kent Ave
    Distance: 0.911 km away
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  • Name: Balvanera Address: 152 Stanton St
    Distance: 2.381 km away
  • Name: El Almacen Address: 557 Driggs Ave
    Distance: 0.593 km away
  • Name: Madera Cuban Grill Address: 4729 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.518 km away
  • Name: Farmhouse Restaurant Address: 81 Ludlow St
    Distance: 2.762 km away
  • Name: Buenos Aires Address: 513 E 6th St
    Distance: 2.223 km away
  • Name: Chimu Address: 482 Union Ave
    Distance: 0.928 km away
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  • Name: Oishi Sushi Address: 929 Manhattan Ave
    Distance: 1.027 km away
  • Name: Beyond Sushi Address: 229 E 14th St
    Distance: 2.702 km away
  • Name: Mizu Address: 192 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.509 km away
  • Name: Sushi Daizen Address: 4738 Vernon Blvd
    Distance: 2.501 km away
  • Name: Beron Beron Address: 245 E 10th St
    Distance: 2.392 km away
  • Name: Wasan Address: 108 E 4th St
    Distance: 2.653 km away
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  • Name: Lantern Thai Kitchen Address: 311 2nd Ave
    Distance: 2.612 km away
  • Name: Pig and Khao Address: 68 Clinton St
    Distance: 2.345 km away
  • Name: Asiam Thai Cuisine Address: 259 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.375 km away
  • Name: Kuma Inn Address: 113 Ludlow St
    Distance: 2.678 km away
  • Name: Bangkok Express Address: 349 1st Ave
    Distance: 2.401 km away
  • Name: Khao Man Gai NY Address: 3100 47th Ave
    Distance: 2.949 km away
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  • Name: Pine Box Rock Shop Address: 12 Grattan St
    Distance: 2.774 km away
  • Name: Patacon Pisao Address: 139 Essex St
    Distance: 2.558 km away
  • Name: Oasis Address: 230 Calyer St
    Distance: 0.957 km away
  • Name: Quinoa Kitchen Address: 287 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 0.97 km away
  • Name: Black Flamingo Address: 168 Borinquen Pl
    Distance: 1.311 km away
  • Name: Wild Ginger Address: 182 N 10th St
    Distance: 0.594 km away
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  • Name: BP Address: 256 McGuinness Blvd
    Distance: 1.081 km away
  • Name: Metro Fuel Oil Address: 500 Kingsland Ave
    Distance: 1.768 km away
  • Name: Sunoco Address: 497 Meeker Ave
    Distance: 1.103 km away
  • Name: BP Address: 677 Kent Ave
    Distance: 2.418 km away
  • Name: Mobil Car Service Address: 361 Union Ave
    Distance: 1.311 km away
  • Name: BP Address: Union Ave 152
    Distance: 2.014 km away
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  • Name: Skyport Marina Address: 2430 Fdr Dr
    Distance: 2.129 km away
  • Name: Icon Parking Address: 205 3rd Ave
    Distance: 2.795 km away
  • Name: Nice Park Address: 310 E 11th St
    Distance: 2.557 km away
  • Name: Edison ParkFast Address: 167 Essex St
    Distance: 2.498 km away
  • Name: 211 Garage Corporation Address: 211 E 18th St
    Distance: 2.746 km away
  • Name: Delancey and Essex Municipal Parking Garage Address: 107 Essex St
    Distance: 2.62 km away
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  • Name: Washington Deluxe Bus Service Address: 482 Bedford Ave
    Distance: 1.796 km away
  • Name: East River Ferry Shuttle Bus Stop Address: E 35TH St
    Distance: 2.522 km away
  • Name: Rockabus Address: Metropolitan Ave
    Distance: 0.935 km away
  • Name: MTA Bus - M14A - Grand & Clinton Address: Grand St
    Distance: 2.563 km away
  • Name: MTA - M15 Bus Address: 2ND Ave
    Distance: 2.666 km away
  • Name: MTA Bus - 2 Av & E 9 St Address: 2ND Ave
    Distance: 2.666 km away
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  • Name: MTA Subway - Court Square Address: 23RD St
    Distance: 2.908 km away
  • Name: LIRR - Hunterspoint Ave Station Address: -
    Distance: 2.399 km away
  • Name: Hewes St Station Address: 417 Broadway
    Distance: 1.736 km away
  • Name: Lorimer Street / Metropolitan Avenue Address: Metropolitan Ave
    Distance: 1.145 km away
  • Name: MTA Subway - M Train Address: -
    Distance: 2.782 km away
  • Name: Greenpoint Avenue Station Address: Manhattan Ave Between Greenpoint and Java
    Distance: 0.556 km away
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  • Name: Urban Cowboy B&B Address: 111 Powers St
    Distance: 1.408 km away
  • Name: The Williamsburg Guesthouse Address: 541 Lorimer St
    Distance: 1.201 km away
  • Name: American Dream Hostel Address: 168 E 24th St
    Distance: 2.932 km away
  • Name: Menno House Address: 314 E 19th St
    Distance: 2.547 km away
  • Name: East Village Bed & Coffee Address: 110 Avenue C
    Distance: 1.812 km away
  • Name: B & B Management Co. Address: 204 Ross St
    Distance: 1.762 km away
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  • Name: Greenpoint Lodge Address: 95 Norman Ave
    Distance: 0.616 km away
  • Name: NY Moore Hostel Address: 179 Moore St
    Distance: 2.579 km away
  • Name: Greenpoint YMCA Address: 99 Meserole Ave
    Distance: 0.635 km away
  • Name: B Hotel & Hostel Address: 341 Broadway
    Distance: 1.573 km away
  • Name: The New York Loft Hostel Address: 249 Varet St
    Distance: 2.79 km away
  • Name: Saint Marks Place Studio Apartments Address: 14 Saint Marks Pl
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  • Name: New York Police Academy Address: 235 E 20th St
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Westlight, New York City Reviews

  • Awesome rooftop bar with great views of the Manhattan skyline. I like the aesthetics and it's great in the spring or summer when they have all the balcony furniture set up. Cocktails are actually pretty fair priced considering it's a rooftop bar with no cover charge to get up. Overall I would recommend this spot for anyone looking for a high quality, rooftop bar experience.

  • Although I give 5-stars to this cafe just because of the view only, I still have some little condemnation. The view was the perfect NY view. That it's the only skyscraper which has no high building around allows this place to offer its customers a wonderful sight of NY. The pumpkin pie was something, and the salted caramel ice cream was delicious. Everything was nice until I requested some cinnamon for my sancha green tea. They brought some cinnamon powder spread over a big plate, of which I didn't get the point and made. Then I asked for more cinnamon and the waitress said they really didn't have except a whole. The cinnamon served to me was really not fresh. Of course this small part will have no effect on this place's 5-star quality. I'm really grateful to my friends who took me there and we left satisfied. I highly recommend the place.

  • Come for the view, which is spectacular. The food on the other hand...mediocre at best. Everything is overpriced. But that’s what you get for the fanciest hotel bar in north brooklyn! A nice place for an evening cocktail nonetheless, especially if you’re entertaining someone from out of town and want to show her the skyline.

  • One of the best bars I've been to in NYC. The views of the city are fantastic, especially at sunset. It gets super busy around then so if you can book a table it's really worth it. Enjoy.

  • Staff is very friendly and accommodating, drinks are obviously expensive but also quite tasty, and the view is simply the best you can find in this city. It's unrivaled unless you can afford a penthouse apartment with sweeping skyline views. While the crowd is a weird mix of baby boomers, international tourists, finance bros, and trust fund hipsters, Westlight manages to pull off a classy atmosphere, and the room makes everyone look good even if they feel like dressing down. It just works. I didn't eat here but I'll validate people's feelings that Andrew Carmellini is not as good as he once was back when The Dutch first opened. I'm not surprised to read the mixed reviews on the food, but if you want a good bar scene, an amazing outdoor deck, jaw-dropping views, and you have some money to burn on drinks, Westlight is the place to do it. It's a rooftop bar for people that hate rooftop bars.

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