Best Things To Do in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Are you looking for what to do in Nha Trang?


  • Po Nagar Cham Towers
  • Nha Trang Beach
  • Vin Pearl Amusement Park
  • Long Thanh Gallery
  • Nha Tho Nui Cathedral
  • Alexandre Yersin Museum
  • Long Son Pagoda
  • Hon Mun Island
  • Bai Do Villas
  • Monkey Island
  • Dam Market
  • Ba Ho Waterfalls


  • Waterfall Crossing and Trekking: The waterfalls near Nha Trang, especially Ba Ho and Fairy Spring Waterfalls offer the perfect spot for trekking and nature walks. Ba Ho is a series of three waterfalls that are worth the one hour trip from Nha Trang and can be counted as one of the best tourist attractions in Nha Trang.The Fairy Spring waterfalls is really a stream of water that doubles up as a swimming hole in summers. Surrounded by lush vegetation, these waterfalls are reminiscent of the fairytale jungles that we’ve all heard about in our childhood.
  • Mud Bath and Hot Springs: An absolute can’t-miss activity when in Nha Trang is a bath in its natural thermal springs. You can even have a mud bath that is full of essential minerals that will leave you with a warm pink glow. Do include this in your Nha Trang itinerary planner!
  • Water Sports: It’s almost impossible to resist the beauty of Nha Trang’s turquoise waters. You can choose between a leisurely swim to scuba diving in Nha Trang. You can end up getting a good bargain for your diving/snorkelling trip because the competition is quite fierce in this field. Your Nha Trang holidays will be incomplete without trying one of its famous water-sport activities. Essential Nha Trang sight-seeing is mostly its underwater colours and sea life.

Below we have a list of things to do in Nha Trang and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Nha Trang getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Nha Trang with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Nha Trang

Here is the list of things to do in Nha Trang and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Vin Pearl Amusement Park

    Amusement Park, Water Park, Aquarium, Entertainment

    Almost like a fantasy world, the Vinpearl amusement park has almost everything that you would desire from a top notch entertainment park and much more. It houses some of Vietnam’s best entertainment options which are a stone’s throw away from its luxury 5 star resort. A cable car ride, waterpark, underwater aquarium, a shopping mall, gaming zone are just a few of the exhaustive recr...Read more
  2. Nha Trang Beach

    4 (1657 Votes)
    Nha Trang Beach

    Beach, Entertainment

    The Nha Trang Beach is blessed with clear blue waters and soft white sands that offer beach-bums a perfect opportunity to swim and sun bathe. There are a number of cafes and sea food restaurants along the beach that offer excellent food and drinks. A favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, the Nha Trang beach is clean and well accessible, and a pure delight to visit.
  3. Cham Towers

    Religious Site, Landmark, Historical Site

    These magnificent towers were built in the 7th Century and still stand proud in all their previous glory. Worshipped ardently even today, this site is both religiously and historically important. The view surrounding the temple is absolutely spectacular and one can truly feel at peace in this spiritually omniscient building. Each of the towers is dedicated to a unique deity and witness flocks o...Read more
  4. Long Son Pagoda

    4.3 (276 Votes)
    Long Son Pagoda

    Religious Site

    The Long Son Pagoda is a beautiful edifice decorated with mosaic dragons and adorned with traditional Buddhist motifs. The most striking feature is the enormous Buddha statue sitting on a lotus flower. The surroundings offer spell bindings views of the hills and nearby rural areas. The most moving part of the visit is sure to be the dedications to the monks who immolated themselves in protest o...Read more
  5. Monkey Island

    Island, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    As its name suggests, the Monkey island is full of monkeys and their antics. But apart from that, there are three marvellous waterfalls close-by and two beautiful beaches that are totally swim worthy. You can of course, feed the ever-hungry monkeys and take plenty of photographs with them. There is also a go-kart track for the thrill seekers.
  6. Ba Ho

    4.5 (1268 Votes)
    Ba Ho

    Hiking Trail, Scenic Drive, Picnic Spot

    The Ba Ho Waterfalls lie 25 kilometres away from Nha Trang and are well worth the drive there. The drive along the coast is jaw-dropping beautiful with stretches of coast and rice paddies passing you as you go. Untouched, pristine silver cascades await you here with their spiritually stirring beauty. Visitors can choose to swim in the waterfalls and picnic by them too. To reach the third tier o...Read more
  7. Hon Mun Island

    4.1 (1165 Votes)
    Hon Mun Island

    Water Sport, Scuba, Snorkeling

    If you are a diving or snorkelling enthusiast, this place is just what you are looking for. Clean, azure waters that are surprisingly clear offer some of the most stunning underwater landscapes. There is an abundance of coral reefs and exotic sea life that add to the colours under water. There are a number of diving companies that can arrange tours to this pristine island and also provide you w...Read more
  8. Alexandre Yersin Museum

    4.2 (343 Votes)
    Alexandre Yersin Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, Specialty Museum

    This museum celebrates the life of Swiss born, French physician Alaxandre Yersin who played an integral part in Vietnam’s fight against plague. He lived a prolific life and was very well known throughout the country for his achievements in the medical profession. He also founded the renowned Pasteur Institute. The museum exhibits some of his lab equipment as well as rare treasures like le...Read more
  9. Nha Tho Nui Cathedral

    4.3 (1390 Votes)
    Nha Tho Nui Cathedral

    Religious Site, View Point, Architecture , Cathedral

    A stunning example of French Gothic architecture, the Nha Tho Nui Cathedral is well worth a visit just to see it’s stained glass interiors. Built on a small hill overlooking the city, the Cathedral was built in 1934. It has three large bells within its tower. Regular mass sessions are held here.
  10. Long Thanh Gallery

    4.6 (1344 Votes)
    Long Thanh Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    A Photo gallery that bares the soul of Vietnam, artist Long Thanh has truly been able to catch the pulse of this beautiful country through his lens. When you walk in the gallery, the photographs instantly catch your eye for their striking simplicity and soulfulness. Long Thanh’s repertoire is wide ranging and rare, a photograph from this gallery would make for the perfect souvenir of your...Read more
  11. Bao Dai Villas

    Hotel, Leisure

    Originally built for the Emperor, the Bao Dai Villas are now a hotel and open to masses. A beachside retreat for the erstwhile emperor, these villas boast of lush gardens and a private beach. There is a slice of history in every corner of this hotel and even though it is not the most opulent of royal residences, there is a regal aura in this building. The rooms have a spectacular view and the b...Read more
  12. Cho Dam Market

    3.7 (1334 Votes)
    Cho Dam Market

    Walking Area, Entertainment, Market

    A favourite of both the locals and the tourists alike, the Dam Market is the perfect place to experience the local culture of Nha Trang. Full of stalls selling trinkets, knick knacks, fresh produce and even clothes, the Dam market is a lively place always buzzing with activity.
  13. National Oceanographic Museum
    An aquarium style exhibit very popular with the locals and you can see some rare aquatic species in amongst the old favorites
  14. Louisiane Brewhouse
    They brew their own local beers so try the sampling tray, and then enjoy the local seafood.
  15. Booze Cruise
    Not just a bar, they also offer floating parties as booze cruises