How to Reach Nikko - The Easiest Way to Reach Nikko


  • By air: The closest international airport is the Narita International Airport, which is also Japan’s largest international airport. Nikko lies at a distance of 183.1 kilometres from Narita.
  • By train: The Nikko and Tobu-Nikko railway stations serve to other places in Japan. Tokyo by train lies at about 2 hours.


  • By bus: A Tobu bus will take you to most of the shrines and other attractions. If you avail a Tobu World Heritage pass, the bus fare is included in it.
  • On foot: The roads in Niko are well-marked, so following the signs can easily lead you to the attractions in Nikko. Plus, you have the benefit of exploring the place at your own pace.

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How to Reach Nikko from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Wako to Nikko 81.34 km 1 hour 21 mins
Matsudo to Nikko 83.5 km 1 hour 23 mins
Tokyo to Nikko 86.96 km 1 hour 26 mins
Ryugasaki to Nikko 88.26 km 1 hour 28 mins
Chiyoda to Nikko 88.39 km 1 hour 28 mins
Akasaka to Nikko 89.81 km 1 hour 29 mins
Fussa to Nikko 93.69 km 1 hour 33 mins
Hachioji to Nikko 99.7 km 1 hour 39 mins
Yokohama-shi to Nikko 109.51 km 1 hour 49 mins
Zama to Nikko 110.15 km 1 hour 50 mins