Best Things To Do in Nikko, Japan

  1. Ryuokyo Canyon

    Water Body, Valley, Canyon

    The Nikko region’s most significant valley, the Ryuokyo Valley is this mighty enchanting gulch flanked by the Kawaji Onsen and Kinugawa Onsen spa zones. No less of a magic, this canyon is a sight of changing water colors, where you will witness the waters going from azure to white to even green! Resembling an outrageous dragon, the stream’s constant color change gives it another nam...Read more
  2. Irohazaka Route

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    Irohazaka Route

    Scenic Drive

    Wondering why is a route on the must-see places in Nikko?! Hold on till you get here. A zigzag road, full of breath-taking foliage, the Irohazaka Routes is a scenic drive perched in the lap of mountains on the Route 120 between central Nikko city and Lake Chuzenji. Constructed in 1954, this a route accommodating 48 hairpin turns! Apparently, the 48 bends represent each letter of the Japanese al...Read more
  3. Rinno-ji Temple

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    Rinno-ji Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Nestled next to the Taiyuinbyo Shrine, the Rinno-ji temple is supposed to be Nikko’s most important temple. Founded by Shodo Shonin in the 8th century, while pioneering Buddhism in Nikko, the Rinnoji temple is home to three deities’ statues, that are considered to be manifestations of Nikko’s mountains’ deities. Thus, you have here huge wooden statues, of the deities Ami...Read more
  4. Italian Embassy House Memorial Park


    How about some Italy in Japan? Well, yes; With the Italian Embassy House, Memorial Park that is absolutely possible. Especially if you are a fan of architecture and design, this is a must-see in Nikko. It was conceptualized and designed by American architect Antonin Raymond in 1928. Several efficacious Italian ambassadors have lived here for their respective tenures. Enhancing the beauty of thi...Read more
  5. Akechidaira Plateau

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    Akechidaira Plateau

    Observation Deck, Ropeways

    Set near the Irohazaka, the Akechidaira Plateau is one place that promises panoramas of the popularly breath-taking autumn scenery. Bask in the besieging beauty from the observatory deck or take a ropeway up, to enjoy a bird’s eye view of this attraction. From here you can even view Nikko’s other popular attractions - Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls from a rather far distance, neverth...Read more
  6. Takinoo Shrine

    Religious Site

    Seeking some more tranquillity in this quaint Japanese town? The Takinoo Shrine will satiate you rightly. Perched close to the more popular Futarasan shrine, the Takinoo Shrine a characteristic picturesque Japanese monument where you can just be, breathe and let the serene atmosphere take over. This is the ultimate walk in the woods of old cedar forest amidst a handful of significant Buddhist m...Read more
  7. Kinu Tateiwa Otsuribashi

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    Kinu Tateiwa Otsuribashi


    Another Nikko wonder, the Kinu Tateiwa Otsuribashi is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge, connecting the Kinugawa Onsen and Tateiwa over the River Kinugawa. The bridge apart from providing spectacular lush views of the verdant mountains and the river flowing in all its might is definitely an adrenaline triggering attraction! The 140-meter stretch of the bridge and its completion in the year 20...Read more
  8. Mt. Nantai

    4.4 (141 Votes)
    Mt. Nantai

    View Point, Nature

    You must have heard enough of Mt. Nantai by the time you start exploring Nikko. Its significance in Nikko’s being and almost every attraction deriving its existence from bygone eventualities is inevitable to say the least. Its ease of accessibility, several things to do around it, that include hot springs, boating hiking among many others has made Mt. Nantai one of the most popular attrac...Read more
  9. Ashio Copper Mine

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    Ashio Copper Mine


    An Edo period copper mine, the Ashio Copper Mine started operating in the 16th century. Noted to be Japan’s most buoyant copper mine, once upon a time, this Nikko attraction produced manufactured a whopping 40% of Japan’s then copper production. The mine came to a standstill in the year 1973, after some 400 odd years of being a highly active mine. Reinstating its significance, the m...Read more
  10. Cryptomeria Avenue

    Outdoors, Road

    A street couldn’t get any more picturesque! Beautiful Japanese motorway laced with national trees of Japan, the approximately 13,000 cryptomeria trees, locally referred to as Sugi. These trees are estimated to be planted some 400 odd years ago, by the then feudal lord serving Tokugawa Ieyasu, named Matsudaira Masatsuna. The stretch doesn’t seem to cease with its length of 35.41 kilo...Read more
  11. Kirifuri Waterfalls

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    Kirifuri Waterfalls
    Nikko’s most attraction swill quench your thirst to something off-beat, quite literally. The Kirifuri Waterfall is no exception. The third best waterfall of Nikko, this attraction is tall, slender waterfalls which also make sit to Japan’s hundred best waterfalls list. The waterfall cascades into two distinct streams cascading from a height of 83 feet and 86 feet each. The falls are ...Read more
  12. Chuzenji Temple

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    Chuzenji Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Nikko and the Chuzenji region, complement each other like a cherry to the cake. With so much to do in this region, it won’t be wrong to state that most of the noteworthy Nikko attraction lies right here, in the Chuzenji perimeter. The Chuzenji temple, for that matter, is no exception! The main draw, however, of this region remains to be the lake, thus drawing crowds to the temple as well....Read more
  13. Odashirogahara Field

    Outdoors, Walking Area, Leisure, Picnic Spot

    Nikko and its enthralling sights do not cease to charm anybody. The Odashirogahara Field is just another picturesque open space of Nikko. Great to take a pit stop en route and enjoy a picnic perhaps. Autumn gets the best out of this particular attraction. This is a breath of relief from most of the crowded, overwhelming Nikko attractions, especially in the peak season of Autumn! Perfect for lei...Read more
  14. Kirifuri Highlands Kisuge Plain

    Outdoors, Observation Deck

    With so much to do, you can literally spend an entire day at the Kirifuri Highlands Kisuge Plain. The flora and fauna of this attraction is something! Myriad forms and hues stretching into infinity blooming throughout the year. Additionally, there are facilities to rest here, some exhibition areas, and an information Centre enlightening visitors on the natural aspects of this attraction. Observ...Read more
  15. Mount Kusatsu-shirane

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    Mount Kusatsu-shirane

    Nature, Ski Resort, Skiing

    Offering some or the other activity throughout the year, the Mount Kustasu-Shirane has something from everyone. Hikes in Spring, skiing in Winters, and the glorious autumn colors in Autumn, of course. You can drive up the mountain, to enjoy some panoramic views of the adjoining area. One of the most undertaken strolls taken here to explore this attraction is the one towards Yugama Crater Lake f...Read more