How to Reach Nizwa


  • By Air: The closest international airport to Nizwa is Muscat, at approximately 148 km. Nizwa also has its own domestic airport that mainly services domestic flights.
  • By Bus: One can board an ONTC bus from Muscat to Nizwa that run twice daily (at 8.30 am and 2.30 pm daily).


Women travelers have to bear in mind that Oman predominantly has a male-dominated society. So, solo women travelers might find themselves as the only female passenger in buses and mini-vans.

  • By Taxi: Hiring a cab would be the easiest and most convenient way to get around in Nizwa. Do remember, however, that taxi drivers do not go by the meter and often dupe foreigners who do not the going rate.
  • By Bus: The Baisa buses are inexpensive and punctual. But also remember that they drop off every passenger at a stop of their choice instead of fixed stops which means that the ride almost always longer and tiresome.
  • By Car: If you plan on exploring the outskirts of Nizwa, you will have to rent a car. There are a number of options available, rights from sedans to 4-wheel drives for any off-road adventure that you might fancy.