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North Korea Overview

North Korea officially the Democratic people's republic of Korea is a country in East Asia. It occupies the northern half of the Korean peninsula which lies between Korea Bay and East Sea. It is bordered by China to the north, Russia to the north-east and South Korea to the south. An auspicious North Korea trip guide is necessary for all nuts and bolts details regarding this country before traveling here. 

Visa Procedures for North Korea      

Visiting North Korea can be challenging and freedom to explore is not available. Independent travel guide is not permitted in North Korea. Tourist travel is only possible if it is a part of guided tour. North Korea visa can be arranged by booking a tour with travel agencies. Once applied for visa, after some telephonic interview tourist visa may get issued on a tourist card which lasts for 30 days. Journalist, citizen of Japan, and South Korean are debarred from entering this country.

Suitable Time of Visiting North Korea

North Korea has the East China Sea to its south-east hence it exhibits a tropical type of climate. Winters are though freezing cold here. In the month of winter, temperature can fall as low as -30áµ’C.  In summer temperature remains in the range of 20-30 áµ’C. so the best time to visit North Korea is in the summer. July and august are also a good time to visit for those who want to see brilliant and vivid North Korea.  

Top Rated Places in North Korea

North Korea has some beautiful spots to visit. The DMZ is the best place to visit in North Korea. It is the most heavily fortified border in the world and called ‘the scariest place on the earth.' Juche Tower is another famous spot to visit in North Korea which is symbol of political ideology of the nation.  The worker's party monument is another good place to visit in North Korea is walking distance away from Juche Tower. Kim II Song Square, Pyongyang Subway is some other spots in North Korea are worth to watch.

Means of Wandering Off

A large group or party can only visit North Korea. Single touring is, not allowed here.  By plane north Korea’s sole airline, Air Korea flies from Beijing.  The airway is possibly the best answer to the question of how to reach North Korea. With scheduled service air china also provide flights to North Korea. North Korea is well connected by train. There is unscheduled cargo-passenger ship which can be used to enter North Korea. To roam around North Korea tourists are advised to carry all details all the times. Public buses can be the best way to roam around in this country.

Cuisine and Accommodation

All across the Korean peninsula, eating dog is quite favorite dish.  There is very few western food option is available. The legal age of drinking alcoholic beverages is 18 in North Korea and it is heavily enforced. Designated tourist hotels are available here.  Lower class hotels are also available which are cheap in price.

Activities like shooting chickens, many other things to do in North Korea.  Tourists are advised to always abide by the law as Law enforcement is pretty strict here. For a small trip, North Korea is a good place to travel.

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