How to Reach Novi Sad


  • By Air: The closest airport to Novi Sad is the Nikola Tesla International Airport; it’s about an hour away from the city near Belgrade. There are no direct buses running to Novi Sad from the airport. However, taxis ply between the two locations frequently. Autoturist is a good option.
  • By Train: Trains run regularly to and from Budapest and the ticket is fairly inexpensive. You’ll have to share your compartment with five other people if you’re travelling solo.
  • By Car: You can take the E 75 highway that connects Belgrade and Budapest. The highway passes only 5 km away from Novi Sad.
  • By Bus: Buses leave for the city from Belgrade every 15 minutes. Novi Sad is also well-connected to cities like Budapest, Osijek, Sarajevo and Bosnia among others. You can also take a bus to Novi Sad from Germany and Austria.


  • On Foot: With a street map or GPS, you’ll be able to find your way around Novi Sad quite easily. The city centre is small and all the main attractions are walking distance. Sightseeing and calorie burning go hand in hand, dear travellers.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are metred and are not too expensive. You can choose taxi companies like Delta, SOS, Pan, Red, MB and others. Remember not to choose unaffiliated taxis; they will definitely fleece you.
  • By Bus: The bus service in Novi Sad is extremely reliable. You will have to buy tickets from the bus driver himself.
  • By Bicycle: Many of Novi Sad’s avenues have cycling paths.