13 Best Things to do in Novosibirsk, Russia

Here is a list of tourist attractions and 13 best things to do in Novosibirsk:

1. The State Art Museum

Formerly known as the Novosibirsk Regional Picture Gallery; it is one of the most extensive and jaw-dropping art galleries of the world. This museum is home to a huge range of products ranging from sculptures, to fine paintings, ancient local crafts, and exquisite Russian Orthodox icons as well the modern art. With a collection of more than 10,000 exhibits, the museum is a hub to masterpieces. The building of the museum is inspired by the art deco movement and is thus a must visit masterpiece in the city.

2. The Lenina Square

Located in the core of the city, the Lenina Square is geographically the midpoint of the old Soviet Union. The place is proud to hold the oversized Soviet-era statues which are just marvelous. It is the home to some of the important buildings of the city and has wonderful architecture amalgamated well with the fabulous culture of Novosibirsk. It consists of The Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, the city hall, the state concert hall and a huge ballet and opera theatre. Bordered with lush green parks, The Lenina Square is a must visit the place to have a holistic view of past and present in perfect rhythm.

3. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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The beauty of this cathedral is its construction. Made with stone, this historic cathedral is among the first buildings of the city. The layering of immense domes with the perfect sweep of the arches is all carved out with superb brickwork. The building speaks of the Neo-Byzantine era and it is symbolic of the glorious past of the city. With gleaming gold dome and tranquil interior, this cathedral is certainly a hideaway from the dim and bustle of the city.

4. The Central Market

Located in the heart of the city; the central market is also known as the food hall is the one-stop solution to get your hands on to fresh and organic food including the fresh cedar nuts, salmon caviar, fresh dried ceps, honey which is specially produced in the meadows of Siberia, nuts and dried fruits and a lot of other local produce. So, this market is worth giving a try to taste the authenticity and rawness of the city.

5. The Ob Sea

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An artificial reservoir which fills in for any natural sea for the city. It stands proudly in the middle of the continent. In order to create the sea more than 300 settlements were submerged. Aligned with a hydropower station, it fills near about 20 percent of the electricity needs of the city. A popular recreational spot, the reservoir has numerous beaches, resorts, camping spots, and hotels.

6. Technopark Academgorodok

A must visit place for all the science and technology enthusiasts. A perfect place to taste the difference as well as relish it for a lifetime. Located outside the hustle and chaos of the city center, the Techno Park provides an unimaginable and unbeatable experience. An area which soothes all the senses is so peaceful and green which makes the person fall in love with the aura. The hub of the curious types from across the globe, this place is definitely a new portrayal of Russian science. Adding new dimensions to science, it offers a fully equipped launch spot for the startup companies; the architecture has unmatchable inventiveness and ideas.

7. Novosibirsk Zoo

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A worldwide famous zoo where inhibits over 10,000 different exotic animals. The zoo is famous for being the house of around 150 animals which are even listed in the World Red Book of Threatened Species. The beautiful pine forest is a natural getaway from the daily chaos and is a step closer to nature. Within a 10-minute bus ride from Novosibirsk’s center, you can reach the zoo. The zoo takes the extra initiative to safeguard the wildlife across the world as well as save the endangered ones from getting extinct.

8. The N.K. Rerikh Museum

A museum dedicates to Nicholas Rerikh who was a famous writer, philosopher as well as archaeologist. The museum is all about the life and the splendid work of this man who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on numerous occasions. The museum displays the stunning paintings and artifacts and also the journey of his trek around the Himalayas and central Asia. An addition to this place is the complementary classical concerts which happen on every third Saturday.

9. Monument of Glory

Monument of Glory, Novosibirsk - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

Though the city has not played much of role in the battles this glorious monument holds historic pieces of evidence of the battle. The large scale is absolutely glorious and represents the proud Soviet soldiers who fought against the Nazis, during the second world war. The site has the names of the heroes who fought hard for us and the nation. The constant flame in the block showcases cracks the region had gone through during the second world war. The lush green scenery is a beauty and the sight is something which is full of history and reminiscent.

10. Akademia Coffee

The best coffee and tea creations in the town is said to be found in the Akamedia Coffee. The highlight of the place is the extremely friendly service of the place, though only Russian staff. An extremely lovely place with the best food, tea, and coffee with the company of the best staff and service is what this place is famous for and loved for.

11. Riverwalk

Despite the grim realities of Novosibirsk, the river walk at Naberezhnaya is absolutely stunning. People enjoy the serenity of the area by walking and just sitting along the bridge along the Ob River is extremely photogenic. The lush green beauty and the calmness of the river is everything that the place has to offer.

12. Central Park

Central park, Novosibirsk - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

It is almost like a ritual to have a beautiful park in the city and Novosibirsk is no different. The park is nothing that one does not have in any other park, it is the beauty and the authenticity of the place. The lush green trees and the calmness in the air are what makes this a lovely place.

13. Blackwood Coffee Roastery

This beautiful roastery is new to the town and is slightly outside the city center. This place is said to serve excellent coffee and the vibe of the place is more easy and comfortable. It is one of the newest coffee shops in the town and is attracting a large number of locals and tourists both. Lovely is one word which describes this place best.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Novosibirsk, Russia

Must see places in Novosibirsk ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of Novosibirsk tourist attractions & points of interest.

  1. # 1 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 80 times in trip plans
    Novosibirsk Zoo

    Address: ul. Timiryazeva, 71/1, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    A noted scientific institution and a popular tourist attraction attracting more than a million visitors every year, the zoo features 11000 animals belonging to 702 different species including 150 enda...Read more

  2. # 2 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 98 times in trip plans
    Novosibirsk State Academic Opera And Ballet Theatre

    Address: Krasny Ave., 36, Novosibirsk 630099, Russia

    Timings: 10:30 am - 07:00 pm Details

    An architectural masterpiece and a world-renowned theatre, this is one of the most important theatres in Novosibirsk and Siberia. Located at the city centre, in the Lenin Square, the theatre saw its f...Read more

  3. # 3 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 107 times in trip plans
    Novosibirsk Main Railway Station Image

    Address: st. Shamshurina, d.43 | Red Prospect, Novosibirsk 630099, Russia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The railway junction of the Novosibirsk region of the West Siberian Railway and also the administrative centre of the Novosibirsk region, this the main railway station of the city. The beginning of co...Read more

  4. # 4 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 38 times in trip plans
    The Lenin Square Image

    Address: Lenin Square, Novosibirsk 630099, Russia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The most important square in the city, it is the area where most of the major attractions are located. The centre of the square flaunts a huge statue of Vladimir Lenin, the Russian revolutionary, poli...Read more

  5. # 5 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 41 times in trip plans
    West Siberian Railway History Museum

    Address: Corporate street, d. 54A, Novosibirsk 630000, Russia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This specialty museum was opened in the year 2000 and displays railway equipment since it was first used in the country. Right from the 1932-1955 locomotives to the 1950-1970 electric trains, the muse...Read more

  6. # 6 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 50 times in trip plans
    Glory Monument Memorial

    Address: ul. Stanislavskogo 9 | Metro Ploshchad'Marksa, Novosibirsk 630054, Russia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Located in the Leninsky area, this monument of glory is dedicated to the participants of the great patriotic war and is considered as a symbol of cultural heritage in Russia. The monument was installe...Read more

  7. # 7 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 109 times in trip plans
    Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral

    Tags: Church

    Address: ul. Sovetskaja, d.1a, Novosibirsk 630099, Russia

    An orthodox cathedral dedicated to Saint Alexander Nevsky, it is one of the oldest stone structures of Novosibirsk. Built in Neo-Byzantine architectural style in late 19th century, the construction wa...Read more

  8. # 8 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 31 times in trip plans
    Krasny Fakel Theater

    Address: Lenina ul., d. 19, Novosibirsk 630000, Russia

    Timings: 11:00 am - 11:59 pm Details

    Founded in 1920 in Odessa, the theatre is housed in the building dating back to hundred years. Designed by renowned architect Andrei Kryachkov, the venue was used for commercial meetings, business clu...Read more

  9. # 9 of 38 Things To Do in Novosibirsk | Added 26 times in trip plans
    The Chapel Of St. Nicholas

    Address: Krasnyy prospekt, 19, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast', Russia

    Marking the geographical centre of Russia, this pretty chapel of St. Nicholas was built in 1915 to honor the 300 anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. It was demolished in the 1930’s and was rebui...Read more

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