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Going out at night when you are in Nuuk may not be a daily routine as the whole place becomes a lot cooler than it is during the day.  In spite of this, you do have choices for where you could spend the night.  There are clubs and bars and restaurants as well that could provide you with an evening of relaxation and fun.

Shopping: The best thing to buy here is handmade gloves of seal skin. They cost something like 500 DKR but will last you a pretty long time. You may ask for a shop around Colonial town


The Nuuk Marathon: This is a particular challenge due to the demanding route which includes plenty of inclines. The marathon is run in August when it is still summer in Nuuk. But if you are participating you should be ready to battle the rain, wind and temperatures below 10oC that can add a lot of challenge to the event. Hence, keep in mind that you should hope to post an ending time that is a minimum of 15 per cent slower as compared to other city marathons that you might have run on asphalt

Other aspects like

The Nuuk Snow Festival: This is held in the third weekend of March every year the first snow-sculpture festival being held in 1994. Contestants come from not just Greenland but from the U.S., Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Each team of sculptors is given a block of snow by the festival organizers. The end result is an amazing array of shapes which are displayed in a sculpture park which is illuminated at night creating lovely lights as well as shadows on the artistic sculptures. The best sculptures are awarded prizes on the festival’s fourth day.

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