How to Reach Odense


By Air

  • Odense has 4 international airports that are all within a 180 kilometer radius to it. They are connected to all the major airports in Europe.
  • Billund Airport is approximately 100 Kilometers from Odense and is the closest International airport.
  • Esbjerg Airport in Esbjerg is 125 Kilometers away and is also connected to most other European cities.
  • Copenhagen Airport is about 170 Kilometers from Odense and is usually the most popular choice for most tourists from outside Europe. Copenhagen of course is connected to most major world capitals and one can simply board a train from the airport itself that takes about an hour and a half to get to Odense.
  • Aarhus Airport in Aarhus is the furthest airport away from Odense at 180 odd kilometers.

By Train

  • DSB provides several trains that run to Odense from most of the major cities and towns in Denmark. Like most European trains, they are well-appointed and luxurious and make the journey comfortable and convenient.
  • There are several trains from Copenhagen itself and the journey is approximately 2 hours. It is slightly closer from Aarhus and Esbjerg.
  • There are also trains that run from Hamburg, Germany and Stockholm Sweden to Odense. These journeys take between 5–7 hours.

By Car

  • Driving to Odense has been made simpler with the construction of the Great-Belt Bridge. The main highway between Jutland and Zealand (West & East Denmark respectively) the E20 runs through the southern part of Odense.
  • You can also get to Odense if you are driving in from Germany on the E45.

By Bus

  • FynBus vehicles travel to Odense from all over the region, including Falster Island, Frederica in Jutland and other towns on the island of Funen.


  • On Foot: The narrow cobblestone streets with cafes and bistros and traditional Danish architecture make walking around Odense pure joy. Since it is the hometown of H.C Andreessen there are several statues and tributes to his fairytales around the city that are all worth the view. Most of the attractions in the city are easy walking distance from each other and don’t take more than 10 minutes to get to from the station or the bus terminal.
  • By Taxi: There are plenty of Taxi’s to be hailed in Odense although they do tend to be a bit heavy on the pocket. The charges after nightfall tend to be different from the day time and it is quite an expensive mode of transportation.
  • By Bus: The intra-city buses are well demarcated and easily take you around the city. There are several passes you can get for multiple bus rides and the bus terminus Is walking distance from the train station in the center of the city.
  • By Boat: When visiting the Odense Zoo and the “Funen village” one can take a boat from the bridge in Monke Mose Park and idle down the beautiful Odense River which flows through the city and countryside like a slow moving green snake. The journey to the Zoo and the Funen Village take approximately 30 – 45 minutes and is an idyllic and easy way to get there if you don’t want to walk.