How to Reach Odessa - The Easiest Way to Reach Odessa


  • By Air: Odessa International Airport offers flight services to all major Ukrainian cities and cities like Kyiv, Prague, Istanbul, Munich, Athens, Milan etc. opt for the minibus shuttle to get from the airport to the city as the taxi drivers tend to overcharge.
  • By Train: Odessa Glavnaya station has train services to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kyiv, Baku etc. direct trains from Europe to Odessa are not available but you can change over in Kyiv.
  • By Bus: Buses ply regularly from Odessa to Kyiv and Moldova. Tickets can be booked online beforehand.
  • By Ferry: Odessa is connected to Batumi and Poti in Georgia via ferry.


  • By Public Transport: Mini-buses called mashrutkas, trams and trolley buses are the three types of public transport available in Odessa. Trams and trolley buses are very popular choices and hence, often crowded. Trams heading towards the beach are in huge demand in summer.
  • By Car: If you are driving around Odessa, purchase a map beforehand. There are no signs on the roads except for those taking you to the airport or Kyiv.
  • By Taxi: You can either pre-book a taxi or join a carpool. Be sure to negotiate beforehand.

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How to Reach Odessa from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Odessa to Odessa 1.73 km 1 mins
Galați to Odessa 318.35 km 5 hours 18 mins
Balti to Odessa 335.18 km 5 hours 35 mins
Kiev to Odessa 380.06 km 6 hours 20 mins
Istanbul to Odessa 562.63 km 9 hours 22 mins
Ankara to Odessa 663.47 km 11 hours 3 mins
Konya to Odessa 838.38 km 13 hours 58 mins
Izmir to Odessa 880.24 km 14 hours 40 mins
Kusadasi to Odessa 922.02 km 15 hours 22 mins