Best Things To Do in Odessa, Ukraine

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Odessa is a culturally rich city and you can learn a lot about it from the various museums located here. The architectural finesse of the Potemkin stairs, the surprising elements of the Underground Museum sit in perfect contrast with the port and the variety of beaches dotting the cityscape. Odessa is also a lovers’ paradise and there are several monuments and parks dedicated to the power of undying love. Odessa pays tribute not only to the brave sailors who went on their voyages from the port but also to the families they left behind, who waited for months for them to come back home.

Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre: some of Europe’s most famous names have performed in this theatre. Many ballets, concerts and operas are staged here every year.

  • Potemkin Stairs: Visit the famous stairs as shown in the 1925 movie, The battleship Potemkin. The stairs are an optical illusion that can be seen from its top as well as its base.
  • Potemkin Stairs: Visit the famous stairs as shown in the 1925 movie, The battleship Potemkin. The stairs are an optical illusion that can be seen from its top as well as its base.
  • City Garden: When in this park, you can check out the bronze Tree of love statue and the Fountain of Perfume. There are a lot of open air concerts held in the park in summer. 
  • Lanzheron Beach: Stroll along the boardwalk of the most popular beach in Odessa. If you are here in the right season and are in mood for adventure, rent a boat and head out to the Black Sea. The beach is quiet only in the early morning hours, it is quite crowded at all other times of the day.
  • Underground Odessa Museum: Most of the 19th century buildings in Odessa used lime stone quarried from the tunnels underneath the city. These tunnels have now been made into a museum and a guided tour will reveal the fascinating history of these tunnels.
  • Mailbu Beach: If you are visiting Odessa with family, a trip to Malibu beach is a must. The water is calm, crowds thin and plenty of street food stalls run in the vicinity. You can also visit the park nearby for relaxation.


  • Nightlife in Odessa is centred around clubs and discos. Some of them are open seasonally, while others are available all year round. It is recommended to take proper safety precautions when going around the town at night.


  • Shevchenko Park has a spring named after Insuren, the girl who turned into stone, from which spouted a spring of love. Today, you will see this spot occupied by lovers from all over the city. Likewise, the bronze Tree of Love statue in City Garden is another famous lover’s spot. The word ‘love’ in inscribed on the tree in 65 languages. The steps behind the monument of de Ribas are also reserved for lovers.

Below we have a list of things to do in Odessa and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Odessa getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Odessa

Here is the list of things to do in Odessa and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Odessa National Academic Opera And Ballet Theater

    Entertainment, Performance, Stage Show, Theatre

    First built in 1810, then rebuilt in 1887 after it was destroyed by a 1873 fire, this late French rococo and Italian baroque theatre is renowned for its wondrous acoustics. Yet even now, built as it is on infirm ground, the building is slowly failing. Some of the most acclaimed of Russian and Ukrainian composers and performers have held court here. The theatre produces and platforms a varied an...Read more
  2. Deribasovskaya Street


    Named after José de Ribas, the mayor who lived on the street, this road was made into a pedestrian walkway in 1984. Right next to the street is the famous City Park. The charming tree shaded boulevard is lined on both sides with restaurants, cafes and shops. The mix of tourist and locals makes it one of the best places in the city to people watch. Keep an eye out for the Baroque building...Read more
  3. Potemkin Stairs

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    Potemkin Stairs


    Originally known as the Richelieu steps, there is no more iconic structure in Odessa. The 27-meter rising and 142-meter long stairway is famous for a handful of reasons. Firstly, it’s designed to exploit an optical illusion: looking up, you can only see the stairs, and looking down, you can only see the landings. Built twice, the last time by English engineer John Upton in 1841, the stair...Read more
  4. Primorsky Boulevard

    Walking Area, Boulevard , Streets

    Barely half a kilometre long, this is Odessa’s most beautiful street. It’s often thought of as an open-air museum thanks to its incredible examples of architecture and the exhibit of an ancient settlement. It appears more or less now as it did all those years ago, when it was first built. The sights include the Vorontsov’s Palace, the old City Hall, the monuments to Duke de Ri...Read more
  5. City Garden

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    City Garden

    Garden, Fountain

    Every city has at least one garden that’s iconic and emblematic of that city’s image. This is Odessa’s. Felix de Ribas, brother of José de Ribas, formed this garden in 1803. It’s an elegantly organised place, with flowerbeds, a music fountain in the center (Fountain of Perfume), a pretty pavilion, and vibrant trees. You’ll see monuments to music artist Leoni...Read more
  6. Dolphinarium Nemo

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    Dolphinarium Nemo


    There are two main attractions here. The lesser of this is the Oceanarium, an immersive experience of coral reef habitats, and various marine lifeforms. It also includes diverse climate explorations of rivers, lakes, forests, and deserts. But the main draw is the dolphin pool, which offers a lot more than shows by the playful creatures. You can get quite close to the animals, with experiences a...Read more
  7. Passage

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    Hotel, View Point, Historical Site, Shopping Center

    Even though widely called a hotel this 1899 building by architect L.Vlodek is actually the cutest shopping and dining complex in the city. From the outside, it looks like a block, but once you step in through one of its two entrances will you will find an inner street separating the outlets. The roof of the building is a glass ceiling which lets in natural light. The retail outlets are all on t...Read more
  8. Monument To Catherine Ii

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    Monument To Catherine Ii

    Monument, Square

    Built in the year 1900 by the architects Y.M.Dmitrenko and Donato Barkalaja, the monument is dedicated to Empress Catherine the Great, who ordered the construction of the city. It is also dedicated to the people who played an important role in building the city in the early years. The sculpture of the empress is 3 meters high and four of her companions, Potemkin, Zubov, de Ribas and de Wollant,...Read more
  9. Sailor's Wife

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    Sailor's Wife

    Monument, Sculpture

    This bronze Monument on one end of the Marine Passenger Terminal here in Odessa show the young woman voice thing I lost her child as the wave through their sailor husband and father returning from the sea. It is an iconic statue by sculptor Alexander Tokarev and is meant to represent the families who accompanied their men to Sevastopol in the autumn of 1941. It is a remarkably lifelike sculptur...Read more
  10. Lanzheron Beach

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    Lanzheron Beach

    Beach, Waterfront, View Point, Walking Area

    Odessa’s oldest and most popular beach was the site of the former Count’s home. It’s often compared to Brighton Beach in New York. It’s not very large, which makes it quite crowded. A boardwalk and quay have been built, making for lovely views over the Black Sea. There are some good bars and restaurants lining the beach. Rental facilities for boats, deck chairs and paras...Read more
  11. Secrets Of Underground Odessa Museum


    Beneath Odessa runs a network of old limestone tunnels, from which the building materials for 19th century construction projects were excavated. These tunnels, later expanded by smugglers, have not been fully mapped, and at about 2500 km in total length, are thought to be longest system of their kind. They reach about 60 meters below the sea and have three distinct levels. This museum tour imme...Read more
  12. Odessa Railway Station

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    Odessa Railway Station

    Historical Site, Station

    First built halfway through the 19th century, this historic station was at that time the last stop next to the Black Sea. Connecting over 70 countries to this region, the station is an important freight and transport stop. Damaged heavily in WWI, the station was rebuilt in the 1950s and then remodelled again in 2007. Today it is a pretty neoclassical building. To the annoyance of everyone who w...Read more
  13. Museum Of Interesting Science

    Science Museum

    This interactive science museum makes science seem magical and alive. Targeted at kids and families, it’s an intelligent and exciting collection of exhibits, experiments, shows (focused on chemistry, fire, electricity and intelligence technology) and workshops! Optical illusions, miniature clouds, anatomy, a cute cafe, a planetarium are among the most popular attractions here. The hall of...Read more
  14. Muzey Konyachnogo Dela Shustova

    Museum, Adults

    If you're a connoisseur of fine brandy this museum will captivate you. Opened in 2013, the museum has a beautifully appointed decor, with attention paid to the historical feel of the place. The exhibit at the museum focuses on the history of the Cognac brandy, its influence upon the drinking styles around the world, the method of its manufacture, and the role it plays in Odessa's identity. Natu...Read more
  15. Privoz Market

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    Privoz Market


    The city of Odessa’s largest farmers market, and possibly the country’s too (and perhaps the largest in the world), was founded in 1827. Its growth was contributed to by the influx of different nationalities into the city at the time. Even today this international feel is well preserved. Goods on offer include food such as fish, vodka, shrimp, caviar, farm produce, and perfume, shoe...Read more