How to Reach Omaha


  • By Air: Eppley Airfield is the domestic airport that you can go to. There are multiple flights from the place and hence getting in the city is easy.
  • By Train: Take a train to the Amtrak station, it runs daily between Emeryville (in the San Francisco Bay Area) and Chicago.
  • By Taxi: There are taxi services near the city that will take you to the destination with no hassle. 
  • By shuttle: Eppley Express can be taken to reach the city from Kearney, Grand Island, Hastings, Lincoln and York.

By Bus

  • Take the Greyhound buses that have services daily from Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Chicago.
  • Mega buses can take you in the city too; they run from Davenport, Des Moines, Iowa City, and Chicago.


  • By Bus: There is a good bus system in the city and getting around is basically easy.
  • By Car: Rentals are available in the city. If you have your own car, then cruising around the city is a good idea.
  • By Taxi: The taxi service in the city is pretty decent and you will realize that finding one is easy.
  • By Bicycle: There are many bicycle paths in the city that you can ride on.
  • On Foot: You can easily explore the city on foot.