Oontoo Tourism

Oontoo is a locality in outback South West Queensland, Australia, immediately east of the border with South Australia. The township of Oontoo once existed in the area along the banks of the Cooper Creek. A border custom post was established at Oontoo in 1886 on a 1 square mile (259 ha) piece of land resumed from Nappa Merrie cattle station. The post was created to collect taxes from drovers who crossed to Queensland border travelling down Strzelecki Creek. The first customs officer was Mr Ivory who arrived in 1886 and lived in a tent until a house was completed the following year. In 1887 the post was also used as a depot for materials used in the construction of the rabbit proof fence. A shanty public house followed soon afterward with a more substantial stone hotel built by Thomas Costello in 1888. The hotel had eight rooms, kitchen, stables and a store. Several race meetings were held in the town starting in 1888. The town soon boasted a store, doctor and school. Severe flooding occurred in 1891 with Cooper Creek breaking its banks after 4.5 inches (114 mm) of rain fell in the area in January. By 1897 the population had shrunk to 14. The customs post was closed in 1902.


This is a perfect opportunity to take a break from your routine and enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Oontoo in Australia is an ideal destination for a vacation! Get in the character of the city, this city requires at least of 1 to 2 number of days of exploration.