Best Places to Eat and Drink in Opatija

When you plan a visit to Opatija, eat and drink as the locals do. To get the taste of the city rolling on your tongue, you must head towards the best places to eat and drink in Opatija. While a few places may lead you to small eateries offering mouth-watering food, others would take you to high-end restaurants in Opatija serving sumptuous meals. From cafes serving hearty breakfasts to delis serving a variety of cuisines, this extensive list of best restaurants in Opatija itself will take you on a gastronomical journey. After exploring all the best things in Opatija, treat your taste buds at any of these places.

Let's discover the best spots for foods, drinks and nightlife in Opatija:

  1. Volosko

    4.2 (728 Votes)

    Restaurant, Neighborhoods , Harbour

    A beautiful neighbourhood displaying the culture of the locals is a scenic place to be. You can have some great seafood at the restaurants as you admire the photogenic little harbour. 
  2. Moscenicka Draga

    Outdoors, Beach, Water Body, Hiking Trail

    A beautiful petite village near Croatia- Moscenicka Draga is not a just a beach. Its alluring pedestrian ways, charming promenade and bunch of interesting activities make it ideal for a day-out. With variety of restaurants, cafeterias, bars and even hotels, Moscenicka Draga is one of the best choices for a laid-back picnic day. Activities like Hiking, Boating, diving are available and the water...Read more
  3. Ika

    4.4 (490 Votes)

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Walking Area, Food And Drinks

    A popular fishing and resort town, Ika is known for its 5-star accommodation and elite tourism. Activities like water sports, walking and variety entertainment make it ideal for a peaceful weekend getaway.