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It is quite surprising to see how at times small towns like Oranienbug nestle such dense chapters of history in their folds. The history of this town goes back to 12th century when Margaret the Bear who ruled here between 1157-1170 ordered the construction of a castle on the borders of Havel. However, this event might not be of that much importance as the other one which superseded the town’s perception before the world. It is that of its base as the first one for the Nazi Concentration camp in 1933 in Germany. Even till today, Oranienburg is remembered for its detention of 200,000 people who were interned here for over 9 years under the Nazi rule. This gruesome history still defines the way this city is remembered and perceived before the outer world. People visit this small town to see and experience the chillness of Sachsenhausen, the less known but the first concentration camp built by Nazis to execute the Jews.

Apart from that, there are attractions that can portray you the other side of the town. The royal Oranienburg castle is known for its European architecture and impressive collection of the most beautiful and exclusive paintings and silverware that can interest the visitor who visits this somber town. With these any many other attractions that carry the weight of history and modern forms of entertainment, a visit to Oranienburg will come along as a surprise package for people who wish to explore Germany in an off the beaten fashion.

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