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The city of Ordu is not just mosques; it is much more than that. From museums to picnic spots to heritage sites, there are plenty of things to do and attractions to see. Visit the historic stone mansion of Pasaoglu Mansion & Ethnography Museum to get a glimpse of the life of the upper-class Ottoman Empire. Complete with weapons and clothes from the past, the museum is an ideal place to visit to understand the local history. Head to the beautiful former Greek church that is perched on a hilltop, overlooking the sea. Despite being largely empty, the now cultural center carries a unique aura that is contagious. For an amazingly picturesque experience ride on the Ordu Boztepe Cable Car that offers you an unparalleled view of the city,n along with the bay and the landscapes of massive mountains. While reaching the top, you will be welcomed by a quaint cafe shop and the place is totally suited for a family picnic. Explore the ancient Christian heritage site of Yason Kilisesi that sits on the lush green grass offering a totally refreshing experience from the buzz of the city with the constant cool breeze brushing your face. Hike your way to the Ordu Yoroz that provides you with an aerial view of the entire city. The place is free from the entire crowd. To get a hold of the city, a minimum of 2-days stay is recommended.

Below we have a list of things to do in Ordu and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Ordu getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Ordu with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Ordu

Here is the list of things to do in Ordu and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Boztepe And Ordu Teleferik

    View Point

    Ordu is said to be a haven for enjoying picturesque beauty of Turkey. And the best place to enjoy such mesmerising scenic beauty is Boztepe. It is said to be one of the iconic tourist spot in the tourist. As you climb up this 550-meter hill, the peak provides you a stunning panoramic view of the entire Black Sea and the city, Ordu. Compare to the other peaks in the city, Boztepe is not that hig...Read more
  2. Yason Kilisesi

    4.5 (92 Votes)
    Yason Kilisesi

    Church, Religious Site

    Located on Yason Cape Peninsula, this church is said to be one of the ancient churches of Turkey. As per the history, Yason church was built in place of a temple of Jason, in the year 1868. However, with times the church did face severe damages. And in the year 2004, it was restored and was once again open for public visit. The best part of this church is its location, that is at the edge of th...Read more
  3. Cambasi Kayak Merkezi

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    Cambasi Kayak Merkezi

    Outdoors, Adventure, Nature, Skiing

    Another plateau in Ordu that deserves a visit is Cambasi YaylasI Kayak Merkezi (Cambasi Plateau). Located at an altitude of 1850 meters on the southeast of Ordu, Cambasi plateau is said to be one of the largest plateau in the Black Sea region. Climb up the plateau and you will find that the entire land is covered with pine forest. Hence, for forest lovers this plateau’s eternal beauty wil...Read more
  4. Yoroz Tepesi

    Forest, Hill, Picnic Spot

    Another popular hilltop of the city, this beautiful Ordu Yoroz will impress you with its rich flora and fauna. The best part of this hilltop is its location. It is settled right in the middle of the city, yet provides you the charm of forest beauty with stunning surrounding scenery to relish. That’s why, locals often refer this hill as the destination of urban forest. Explore this forest,...Read more
  5. Pasaoglu Mansion And Ethnography Museum

    Museum, Architecture

    Settled right at the centre of Ordu, this lavish stone mansion was built in 1896 to portray the posh lifestyle and rich history of the Ottoman empire during this given period. The structure of the mansion itself represent the rich architecture that was in trend during those period. However, after the end of this empire during 20th century, this mansion is converted into a museum. Today, the mus...Read more
  6. Persembe Yaylasi

    4.6 (39 Votes)
    Persembe Yaylasi

    Outdoors, Rock Climbing, Nature

    Around 17 kilometres away from the city, this beautiful plateau proves that life do exist at such a height, far away from the citylife. Covered with lush green grass with a little city-life structure at the centre, the plateau looks almost like a fairy tale from a distance. It is said to be one of the highest places of Canik Mountains. Climb up the plateau to admire its stunning scenic beauty. ...Read more
  7. Kurul Kalesi

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    Kurul Kalesi


    If you are a history buff, then this open-air museum will definitely amuse you. Slightly away from the city, located on top of a pointed rock, Kurul Kalesi gives you a glimpse of the ancient history of Ordu. Climb up the 250- 300 stairs that leads you to the excavation sight where you can see Teracotta roof tiles, masonry ceramic pieces and few broken artefacts which probably belongs to the 4th...Read more
  8. Ulugol Yaylasi


    For nature lovers, Ordu always hold a special place in their heart. And the credit for that goes to the surrounding beauty and mind-blowing natural features of this city. One such feature that inspires travellers to visit the city repeatedly are the plateaus. One such plateau is Ulugol Plateau that holds a special place in every traveller’s travel plan. Lush green grass covering most part...Read more
  9. Vonali Celal

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    Vonali Celal

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    One of the most popular eateries of Ordu is Vonali Celal. It is not only the finger licking food that is responsible for making this place so popular. It is also the location. The restaurant is located near the sea which gives you a stunning view of the entire blue sea water with sumptuous food to accompany you. So, from now one whenever you are hungry after completing your trekking adventure, ...Read more
  10. Ordu Cinevizyon Sinemalari

    3.8 (217 Votes)
    Ordu Cinevizyon Sinemalari


    If you are done with your hiking tours and gourmet journey, head off to a destination that promises you entertainment. One such place is Cinevizyon Sinemalari. It is the most popular movie theatre where you can watch some of the famous movies of Turkey. Try to catch up a show if you have spare time in your travel schedule. However, the timings for the shows may vary. So, it is always advised to...Read more
  11. Fatsa Klas Sinemasi

    2 (145 Votes)
  12. Cineworld Sinemalari

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  13. Ordu, 52200 Orhaniye/Ordu Merkez/Ordu, Turkey
  14. Anemon Ordu Otel

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    Bahçelievler, Atatürk Blv. No:5, 52200 Ordu Merkez/Ordu, Turkey
  15. Fidangor Taksi

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    Düz Mh. Gören Sk. Pk:52100 Merkez/ordu, Düz, 52100 Ordu Merkez/Ordu, Turkey