Events and Festivals in Osaka


Festivals in Osaka provide insights into historical and contemporary Japan. 

  • Haru Matsuri Hosha Shinji (Spring Archery Ritual): In this festival, a procession marches through the city carrying a 30-metre-long rope resembling a giant snake. Upon returning to the Yasaka Jinja Shrine, targets symbolizing the snake's eyes are positioned on two pine trees, and participants practice shooting arrows at them. The festival takes place on the first Sunday of April every year.
  • Nipponbashi Street Festival: The biggest anime-themed events in Kansai, this festival takes place in the month of March. The streets of Denden Town are closed to traffic and then cosplayers in elaborate attire, robot performances and live music take over!  
  • Festival Kinensai: This takes place at the Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine. Rice harvested from a sacred rice field in the previous year is offered to the gods and prayers are said for another year of rich harvest.
  • Osaka Outdoor Festival: One for the adventurous souls, this festival includes activities like riding 4WD cars and motor bikes at the Vehicle Zone, or rock climbing and taking part in a boat battle at the Outdoor Zone.
  • Izumi Kogawa: Ichigo Farm,Strawberry Picking- One of the biggest Strawberry farms in Osaka region, the Izumi Kogawa- Ichigo Farm organizes its annual strawberry picking events in the months of March, April, May and June.

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