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  • Address: Japan, 〒557-0004 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Nishinari-ku, Haginochaya, 1 Chome−1−2−9, Osaka
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Hotel Zipang, is situated in the Osaka, Japan. Hotel Zipang is a nice place to visit in this area.

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  • Pros: The price. The man when I checked in was very friendly. Location: it's right next to the local station. Cons: There are only two showers for the hotel. I don't appreciate long lines for a basic human need! Everything is an added extra, you don't even get a towel. There is a lingering smoke smell in the whole hotel, even in the non smoking rooms. It can be loud in the morning and night as it's right next to the train station. There seems to be a difference in attitudes between different staff members. I was blanked by one man as he was talking for ages to a local. I know it's a cheap place, but manners cost nothing. It's in a 'dangerous' area according to my Japanese friend. If you're a male solo traveller you should be fine, but females might want to look elsewhere. I've seen better for around the same price in the area! Try Hotel Taiyo.

  • Rooms smelled like hell here. Felt like some rats died in that room. Toilets are filthy. Rooms are very small this is fine keeping the rates in mind,but the worst part is the rude behaving staff like a guy called Yasuda on the front. He was very rude. He even tried to extract 5000 Yen from saying that a friend of mine did not return the key. Lived in Japan for almost 9 years but never met someone this rude. Go there only if you want to spoil your trip. Many cheap hotels are available in the same area. NEVER go to this place Zipang.

  • It’s perfect if you need to stay for a few weeks. The price is very good. The rooms are extremely small, but very comfortable. Nice window to open for air. Little tv, little fridge, private ac unit. 2 Toilets per floor. 1 shower in the whole building. Yeah, that part sucks because you have to wait for the shower sometimes. But the water pressure is very nice and there is always hot water. In fact you press a button to decide the exact temperature. I have paid a lot more money for rooms with horrible showers. So it’s really not that bad. Plus, everyone is very courteous and considerate so you end up making friends. This is the place you come to when you are on a very tight budget but you want to spend time here. It’s not really luxury. But it is very practical. Washer and dryer on the first floor. Can’t really ask for more. Plus the staff is incredibly nice and super helpful. They are always present, alert, polite and ready to help.

  • Near the various stations so it was very convenient to travel around. Free water as many as you want on the 1st Floor. Toilet was not so clean and too cold. No towel for the bath so you must have your own. You should buy shower gel for your own as well, there are no shower gel. However, with the cheap price, I accepted that.

  • Not recommended for those suffered from cigarette smoke alergic and looking for comfortable sleeping room. Strategic location. Only 2 shower room for whole customers, clean and comfortable enough. There's also hair drying room. No water spray in my floor's toilet. Free flow drinking water. Nice staffs with limited English.

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