Events and Festivals in Oslo

Oslo is studded with various festivals and events round the year, so no matter when you set your itineraries to Norway, you would be part of at least one spectacular celebration of the city.

  • January: Disney on Ice, an ice skating event by people dressed in Disney characters is held in January.
  • March: Oslo Kirkemusikkfestival, a church music festival is held in March. It involves concerts, choir, gospel groups, etc. performing in various cathedrals and churches. The Lillehammer arts festival is also conducted in the same month where the natural beauty of winter is appreciated. Holmenkollen Ski Festival, a famous ski-festival is also conducted in the same month with contests among participants of various countries.
  • April: Inferno Festival, a heavy metal music festival is held in April every year.
  • June: National music day is celebrated on the first Saturday of every June. Hundreds of artists from across the country take part and set the stage on fire with their captivating music.Wood Rock festival, another music festival celebrating Rock music is held in the same month. So, if you are music enthusiasts, plan your trip to Oslo around this month.
  • July: Norway Cup, a week long football tournament is held in July.
  • August: A six day Jazz festival, called Oslo Jazz festival is celebrated for five days every year.
  • September: Ultima Contemporary Music Festival and Oslo Marathon, both take place in the month of September.
  • September - October: Autumn Art Exhibition (Høstutstillingen), the most talked-about and controversial art exhibition is held in Oslo during the months of September and October
  • October - November: Oslo World Music Festival, a major music event takes place in the city in these months. Music artistes from across the world, especially Asia, Africa and Latin America come together and showcase their musical talents during the festival.
  • December: The world renowned Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is held every 10th of December by the Norwegian Nobel Institute. In addition to the other categories like Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology and Medicine, the prestigious peace prize is also awarded to the prominent people who have done exceptional work to promote peace in the world.

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