Best Things To Do in Oslo, Norway

There are a number of exciting things to do in Oslo. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Oslo. Discover new places to see and unique things to do nearby Oslo. Don't miss out on these amazing sights at Oslo. Check out the list of attractions and activities to do in Oslo and nearby areas. It will help you to plan a perfect trip to Oslo. Highlights of Oslo includes – Best things to do in Oslo and nearby areas, top attractions to visit such as historical monuments, natural attractions, adventurous and entertainment activities to do, places to eat and drink. Provided with all the things to do in Oslo with address, reviews, facts, photos of travellers & more.

Must see places in Oslo ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Oslo and point of interests to visit.

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    Vigeland Museum And Park

    Tags: Museum, Park

    Address: Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Gustav Vigelands’s sculptures. It’s the museum’s only reason for being. The artist made a pact with the city to bequeath all his works to this museum on his death; they in turn would...Read more

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    The Viking Ship Museum

    Tags: Museum

    Address: Huk Aveny 35, 0287 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Containing some of the world’s most well preserved Viking artefacts, this museum mainly exhibits Viking ships from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune. The magnificent vessels, built in the 9th century, w...Read more

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    Oslo Opera House

    Tags: Opera House

    Address: Den Norske Opera & Ballett, Kirsten Flagstads pl. 1, N-0150 Oslo

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Details

    This beautiful white building, which has won many awards for its design, hosts Norway’s greatest performance company. The rich and varied programmes are always vivid and riveting, but plenty of ...Read more

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    Norwegian Museum Of Cultural History

    Tags: Museum, History Museum, Educational Site, Exhibition

    Address: Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    This wonderfully engaging museum is the largest cultural museum in Norway. The exhibits cover Norwegian lifestyles from the 15th century onwards, through about 160,000 artefacts - folk dress, textiles...Read more

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    National Gallery

    Tags: Art Museum, Museum

    Address: Universitetsgata 13, 0164 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    This is administrated by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, which includes the following in various locations around the city. Norwegian Museum of Architecture National Gallery of N...Read more

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    The Kon-tiki Museum

    Tags: Museum, Educational Site, Exhibition

    Address: Bygdoynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Kon-Tiki is a raft that in 1947 carried Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl from South America to the Polynesian Islands. Heyerdahl undertook the journey to suggest an extraordinary idea &nda...Read more

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    Akershus Castle And Fortress

    Tags: Castle

    Address: Akershus Fortress, 0150 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    Built in the 14th century to defend Oslo from attack, the castle is famous for having withstood every siege laid to it. In the 17th century, King Christian IV gave it a Rennaisance makeover. A section...Read more

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    Bygdoy Peninsula

    Tags: View Point

    Address: Bygdoy, Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Some places look like they jumped out of fairy tales – this is one of those places. Once an island, the post-glacial rebound made Bygdoy a peninsula. There are so many things to see, you may end...Read more

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    The Bergen Railway

    Tags: Entertainment

    Address: Oslo Central Station, Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This attraction takes you far out of the city This train journey is one of the most-beautiful, highest, and most daring in the world. It’s also the highest line in Northern Europe. The line wa...Read more

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    Aker Brygge

    Tags: Street Food

    Address: Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    One of Oslo’s most popular neighbourhoods thanks to it’s dazzling entertainment, dining, nightlife and shopping options, Aker Brygge is also an excellent location to stay in while in Oslo....Read more

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    Astrup Fearnley Museum Of Modern Art

    Tags: Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    Address: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 12:00 pm - 05:00 pm Details

    This contemporary art gallery focuses on Norwegian and international art. In the past the museum focused on acquiring works of German Abstract Expressionism, English modern painting, and Young British...Read more

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    Norwegian Museum Of Technology

    Tags: Museum, Science Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    Address: Kjelsasveien 143, 0491 Oslo

    Timings: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    Through 25 permanent exhibits, the museum explores Norway’s technological journey from its agrarian roots to today’s industrialised cities. The exhibits showcase energy, oil, industry, med...Read more

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    Tags: Outdoors, Forest, Sport, Camp

    Address: Nordmarka, Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The North Forest is popular for hiking, biking and skiing. Wintersports are especially popular December – February, when there are about 450 km worth of red-marked ski trails to enjoy. In the su...Read more

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    Mathallen Food Hall

    Tags: Outdoors, Food And Drinks, Tourist Center, Flea Market

    Address: Maridalsveien 17, 0178 Oslo, Norway

    Timings: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    Food lovers will find their every appetite catered to in this cozy little food hall. About 40 or so local producers break out the best in their kitchen, serving everything from tapas to sushi to beer....Read more

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    Sognsvann Lake

    Tags: Outdoors, Trail, Waterfront, Camp

    Address: Sognsvannlake, Nordmarka, 0890 Oslo

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    A popular and pretty natural retreat for the people of Oslo, the Lake isn’t very large. Only 3.3km around, you could easily cover it in an hour if you jogged. In the summer, it’s a favouri...Read more

Explore the best things to do in Oslo. These are the most preferred tourist activities.

  • Oslo Ladegård

    St. Hallvards plass, Oslo, 2004

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Akershus Festning

    Kirkegata v/Hovedporten

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Bogstad Gård

    Sørkedalen 826

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Oslo Domkirke

    Stortorvet 1

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Stiftelsen Akershus Festning For Kunst Og Kultur

    Akershus Festning Bygning 58

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Bygdø Kongsgård


    Historic and Protected Sites
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  • Naturhistorisk museum

    Sars' gate 1

  • Munchmuseet

    Tøyengata 53

  • Geologisk museum

    Sars' gate 1

    Museums Landmarks
  • Bymuseet

    Frognerveien 67

  • Interkulturelt Museum

    Tøyenbekken 5

    Landmarks Museums
  • Jødisk Museum i Oslo

    Calmeyers gate 15 B

    Museums Landmarks
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  • Holmlia Bad

    Holmlia Senter vei 34

    Amusement Parks Landmarks
  • Leo's Lekeland Oslo

    John G. Mattesons vei 4

    Landmarks Amusement Parks
  • Hopp i Havet

    Sandakerveien 24 C

    Landmarks Amusement Parks
  • Fangene på Fortet

    Nydalensveien 28

    Amusement Parks
  • AdventureRooms Oslo

    Nedre Slottsgate 23

    Amusement Parks
  • Oksefontenen

    Hegermanns gate

    Amusement Parks
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  • Bar Babylon

    St. Olavs plass 2

    Bars Sushi
  • Bar Vulkan

    Maridalsveien 17

    Restaurants Bars
  • Mono

    Pløens gate 4

    Restaurants Bars Music and Show Venues
  • Gaasa

    Storgata 36 B

    Bars Restaurants
  • 3 Brødre

    Øvre Slottsgate 14

    French Bars
  • Barfly

    Stortingsgata 12

    Bars Restaurants
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  • Ensjø Bingo

    Rolf Hofmos gate 24

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Quickbingo

    Schweigaards gate 12

    Casinos and Gaming Restaurants
  • Furuset Bingo

    Trygve Lies plass 1

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Quick Bingo Oslo avd Hauketo

    Hauketoveien 8

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Quick Bingo Oslo avd Kalbakken

    Trondheimsveien 391

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Quick Bingo Oslo avd Galleriet

    Schweigaards gate 10

    Casinos and Gaming
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  • Hundehjørnet

    Helgesens gate 38

    Dog Parks
  • Ola Narr


    Dog Parks
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  • Huk


  • Hvervenbukta

    Ljansbrukveien 1

  • Ulvøya (Oslo)


  • Bogstad Badeplass


  • Frysja

    Kjelsåsveien 152C

  • Tjuvholmen bystrand

    Strandpromenaden 2

View On Map
  • Frønsvollen


    Landmarks Hiking
  • Dødsbakken


  • Skar


  • Bell

    Østvollveien 18

  • Badstubråten

  • Grønlia


View On Map
  • Codfarmers

    Skur 39 Vippetangen

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Aba Kjøl Og Frys

    Økern Torgvei 3

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Pronova Biopharma Norge

    Lilleakerveien 2 C

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Abru Fiskeutstyr

    Haugerudveien 10

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Kristoffersen Harald

    Måkeveien 52

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Chr Holtermann ANS

    Lilleakerveien 2 B

    Hunting and Fishing
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  • Jordal Amfi

    Jordalgata 12

    Landmarks Stadiums and Arenas
  • Bislett Stadion

    Sofies gate

    Stadiums and Arenas Landmarks
  • Ullevaal Stadion

    Sognsveien 75

    Stadiums and Arenas
  • Holmenkollen

    Kongeveien 5

    Stadiums and Arenas Landmarks
  • Bækkelagshallen

    Ekebergveien 126

    Stadiums and Arenas
  • Valle Hovin

    Innspurten 1

    Music and Show Venues Stadiums and Arenas
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