• Address: Tvetenveien 101, 0671, Oslo, Norway
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Tags: Social, Arts

Walking through the dynamic city of Oslo, you will come across many artworks. From sculptures to wall art, the streets are vibrant with stories told by budding as well as professional artists. Tvetenkoret is one such piece of art. A masterpiece of sorts, this artwork adds immensely to the personality of the city. A great way to live the authentic experience of Oslo would be to tour the city for more such artworks.

Start this excursion with Tvetenkoret. Located in the heart of the city, it is one of the offbeat activities that you can do in Oslo. This page gives you all the required details that will help you plan this tour. Starting with the address, we have an essential tool of the map too. See where the site is, its neighboring area and any tourist attractions that may be near it.

The site will, more than often be free of cost and open at all times. If you want specific details about Tvetenkoret, refer to the description box. Along with a brief summary about the place, there is also an image that adds to your knowledge about it. The best way, however, to know more about it is to actually pay it a visit! The reviews given by people who have visited Tvetenkoret in the past will add an element of authenticity to the site.

In case of any missing information, feel free to contribute to the page with the details!

Touring all across Oslo, means a lot of travel. And if you have your own car, you have nothing to worry about, but if commuting using public transport is part your plan, we can be of some help there too! The gas stations, as well as the transport stations that are near Tvetenkoret are given here. Not only commute, but anything related to public services, like police stations and pharmacies can also be found here.

Accommodation options near Tvetenkoret are many and our quick view design not only gives you a list of the suggested hotels, but also all the information that you may need to make your choice! Along with a book button, the name of the hotel, its ratings, reviews and the price can all be seen in one glance. Being within the vicinity of Tvetenkoret, don’t be too surprised if you get a room overlooking this beautiful artwork!

In case Tvetenkoret just falls in your way during your day tour, and you are looking for someplace to grab a bite, the restaurants near Tvetenkoret are listed here. With and address and their distance from this site, you can either choose one that is the closest, or one that serves your favourite cuisine. The list also includes bars and international cuisine restaurants, all of which you can easily add into your itinerary, using Oslo day by day trip itinerary builder. If you are looking for more interesting things that you can do on your vacation, glance through some Oslo vacation packages for ideas!

  • Tvetenkoret Address: Tvetenveien 101, 0671, Oslo, Norway
  • Tvetenkoret Price: Free
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  • DnB NOR Bryn Jernbaneveien 1
    1.155 km away
  • SpareBank 1 Tveita Tvetenveien 150
    0.277 km away
  • Handelsbanken Bryn Østensjøveien 39
    1.406 km away
  • DNB Lørenfaret 1A / 1B
    2.87 km away
  • Nordea Bank Norge Tvetenveien 150
    0.291 km away
  • American Express Company Karoline Kristiansens vei 7
    2.269 km away
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  • Manglerud politistasjon Plogveien 31
    2.254 km away
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  • Apotek 1 Haugerud Haugerudsenteret
    1.496 km away
  • Vitusapotek Økern Økernveien 145
    2.488 km away
  • Boots apotek Oppsal Haakon Tveters vei 94
    2.178 km away
  • Hasle Torg Grenseveien 50
    2.724 km away
  • Siemens Healthcare Østre Aker vei 88
    2.952 km away
  • Apotek 1 Manglerud Plogveien 6
    2.208 km away
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  • Smia Galleri Opplandsgata 19
    2.951 km away
  • Røde Hatt Haakon Tveters vei 92
    2.173 km away
  • Guttas Pubdrift Havreveien 100
    2.511 km away
  • Annika M Bylund Haakon Tveters vei 13
    1.448 km away
  • Chung Hua Hus Haugerudsenteret 1-7
    1.515 km away
  • STALLKROA v/Husam Ibrahim J Alghoul Agmund Bolts vei 59
    1.479 km away
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  • Vålerengafamiliens Vertshus Hedmarksgata 1
    2.675 km away
  • Kampen pub Trude Elisabeth Hansen Hedmarksgata 13
    2.732 km away
  • Kim's Bar & Pub Hedmarksgata 13
    2.73 km away
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  • Baker Samson Avd Oppsal Haakon Tveters vei 96
    2.212 km away
  • Baker Hansen Hasle Torg Grenseveien 50
    2.733 km away
  • Baker Samson Avd Tveita Tvetenveien 150
    0.291 km away
  • Baker Hansen Fyrstikktorget Karoline Kristiansens vei 7
    2.268 km away
  • W.B. Samson Plogveien 6
    2.206 km away
  • Bakeriet Cafedrift Alna Avd 31 Strømsveien 245
    1.658 km away
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  • Cafe Opus Manglerud Senter Plogveien 6
    2.217 km away
  • Alnabru Cafe & Catering Ole Deviks vei 38
    0.768 km away
  • Café Mementovivere Tvetenveien 217
    2.19 km away
  • Cafe Renee Tvetenveien 150
    0.254 km away
  • Lille Persille Bryn Senter Østensjøveien 79
    1.378 km away
  • Gunda Haaland Karl Staaffs vei 37
    1.474 km away
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  • Olsen Restaurant Østensjøveien 64
    1.195 km away
  • Jordbærpikene Tveita Tvetenveien 150
    0.291 km away
  • Lille Persille Østensjøveien 79
    1.384 km away
  • Sodexo Eikenga 11
    2.187 km away
  • House Of Coffee Hjalmar Brantings vei 8
    2.201 km away
  • Nye Røde Hatt ANS Haakon Tveters vei 92
    2.163 km away
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  • Tony's Backyard Turbinveien 26
    2.836 km away
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  • Fresh Sushi & Wok V/ Pham Gladengveien 15 B
    2.528 km away
  • Soya Sushi take away Vetlandsveien 72
    1.491 km away
  • Økern Sushi Økernveien 145
    2.476 km away
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  • Pizza Driver Grenseveien 40
    2.989 km away
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  • McDonald's Tevlingveien 17
    2.658 km away
  • McDonald's ALNA-senteret
    1.519 km away
  • McDonald's Strømsveien 241A
    1.345 km away
  • JaFs Oppsal Haakon Tveters vei 67
    2.208 km away
  • McDonald's Strømsveien 245
    1.654 km away
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  • Hylla Restaurant Plogveien 6
    2.159 km away
  • Makan Cafe Økernveien 145
    2.491 km away
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  • Karoline pub og spiseri Karoline Kristiansens vei 9
    2.237 km away
  • Dileks Hedmarksgaten 29
    2.767 km away
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  • Folkets Kebab Grenseveien 76
    2.072 km away
  • Spice Persveien 22
    1.58 km away
  • Pizzabussen Økernveien 146
    2.521 km away
  • Vålerenga Grill & Tikka Abbas Hedmarksgata 10 A
    2.731 km away
  • Lennarts Kioskdrift Arvesetveien 2-4
    1.89 km away
  • Trosterud Mix Tvetenveien 217
    2.19 km away
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  • Beno Restaurant Haakon Tveters vei 8
    1.389 km away
  • Jordal Haveli Tandoori Restaurant Strømsveien 19-23
    2.844 km away
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  • Peppes Pizza Rolf Hofmos gate 24
    2.686 km away
  • Dolly Dimple's Tveita Tvetenveien 150
    0.284 km away
  • Pizzanini Ensjø Gladengveien 4
    2.712 km away
  • Pizzeria La Pietra Ingeborgs gate 4
    2.814 km away
  • Toni's pizza Haugerudsenteret 1 -7
    1.534 km away
  • Gladengen Pizza og Grill Gladengveien 15 B
    2.53 km away
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  • Hai Sushi Jernbaneveien 1
    1.156 km away
  • Never Forget Sushi Nguyen Strømsveien 24
    2.791 km away
  • Hasle Sushi Bar Henry Vu Grenseveien 50
    2.724 km away
  • Hasle Sushi Grenseveien 50
    2.72 km away
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  • Statoil Furuset E-6 Tevlingveien 19
    2.565 km away
  • Shell Hovin Hovinveien 45
    2.652 km away
  • Statoil Bryn Nils Hansens vei 15
    0.948 km away
  • Shell / 7-Eleven Alfaset Nedre Kalbakkvei 98
    2.562 km away
  • Statoil Butikk Brobekkveien Brobekkveien 60
    2.556 km away
  • Statoil Brynseng Østensjøveien 32
    1.444 km away
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  • ISS Facility Services Skedsmogata 25
    2.816 km away
  • Lutvann Lutvann
    2.249 km away
  • Haugerud Haugerudveien
    1.601 km away
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  • Ryen -
    2.651 km away
  • Unibuss Ekspress Strømsveien 196
    1.084 km away
  • Bryn Senter -
    1.65 km away
  • Haslevangen Barnehage Haslevangen 1 A
    2.7 km away
  • Tollpost-Globe Breivika Industriområde
    2.186 km away
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  • Trosterud Trosterud t-bane
    2.151 km away
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