How to Reach Ouro Preto


By Air:

  • There are no direct flights to the city. The nearest airports are at Belo Horizante.
  • Aeroporto Confins: Serves international (USA, the Caribbean, Europe) and domestic flights. Located 40km north of the city. A Taxi to Ouro Petro should cost Rs. 200 or thereabouts.
  • Aeroporto da Pampulha: 10 km north of the city center, serves only domestic flights

By Bus:

  • Rio (7 hours), Sao Paulo (11 hours) and Belo Horizonte (2 hours) all ply regular daily buses to and fro Ouro Petro via various bus companies.

By Car:

  • Take the BR-040, then BR - 356 from Belo Horizonte.
  • From Rio de Janeiro, travel the BR-040 to Conselheiro Lafaiete; then the Estrada Real to Ouro Preto
  • Sao Paulo BR-381 to Lavras; BR-265 to Barbacena; then BR-040 to Belo Horizante


  • By Bus: The city's bus network is not very useful for getting around within the city, but it can take you to neighborhoods around it, or even to nearby towns such as Mariana.
  • By Train: There is a scenic train ride to the nearby town of Mariana.
  • On Foot: The city's twisty streets are on steep hills. You will spend a lot of time going from attraction to attraction up and down these hills, out of breath and with weary feet. Make sure to have good shoes, for walking is still the best way to see the city.