Famous Museums in Ouro Preto

The museums in Ouro Preto give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Ouro Preto with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Ouro Preto. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Ouro Preto.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Ouro Preto.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Ouro Preto:

  1. Conspiracy Museum

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    Conspiracy Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    In the 18th century, a famous separatist movement tried to gain Brazil's independence from Portugal. This became known as the Minas Conspiracy. The revolution failed, and its protagonists were executed or exiled. In 1936, then-Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas decided that these men were to be commemorated as martyrs. He hunted down their remains from Africa and had them brought to the ...Read more
  2. Museum Of Science And Technology School Of Mines - Minerology Sector

    Museum, Science Museum, Specialty Museum

    The School of Mines was founded in 1875, By the French scientist Claude Henri Gorceix. Ever since then it has been enriched by donations every year by students and teachers and visitors. It is now one of the largest collections of minerals in the world, with 20,000 geological samples from all over the globe. Some of the minerals you can expect to see you are uranium, agate, opals, quartz, stala...Read more
  3. Oratory Museum

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    Oratory Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Oratories are small altarpieces that have a particular use. They are artifacts that began in the Middle Ages. Brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonizers, over the centuries they became part of the region's daily life. First used by the King, and then by the noble and wealthy, the oratory eventuallytrickled down to use by the common people. This museum has 162 such artifacts and 300 further rela...Read more
  4. Aleijadinho Museum

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    Aleijadinho Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    Aleijadinho was a master colonial architect who specialized in Baroque and Rococo styles. This museum, opened in 1968, was named after him. It is a collection of his works, as well as other associated documents. But the museum did not start out that way. It was initially formed to gather and preserve artifacts relating to the heritage of the parish of Our Lady of the Conception of Antonio Dias,...Read more