How to Reach Palaiokastritsa


  • By Air: Palaiokastritsa is situated at a distance of 25 Kilometers from Corfu (I.Kapodistrias) airport and this is the nearest airport to Palaiokastritsa.
  • By Road: You can drive to Palaiokastritsa from any location in Corfu Town.
  • By Taxi: There are 24 hour taxi stations which make it easy for the travelers to travel from Corfu town and the port.
  • By Bus: Within 5 minutes walk from the port there is the green bus station with direct service to Palaiokastritsa from early in the morning until late in the night.


  • By City Bus: From Palaiokastritsa, there are various buses which run on schedule and you can find out from your place of accommodation the nearest bus stop.
  • On Foot: You can choose to walk around as it is a small town.
  • By Car: You can rent a cab and go around in the whole of the city.