Events and Festivals in Pamplona

  • The city of Pamplona celebrates about four festivals annually. Two of which are celebrated on the 25th of may and the 24th of June respectively. The Baile de la Era is a festival of traditional regional dance celebrated on the 25th of May in Estella. On the 24th of June, pilgrims from various regions join in a cave near the Hermitage of San Juan de Xar, in Yanci, to wash themselves in the water of its three springs. It is believed that doing so cures one of any illness in a miraculous way.
  • Ceremonia Del Tributo de las tres Vacas: It is celebrated on the 13th of July in Roncal valley. During this festival a tribute of three cows is paid annually to the people of Piedra San Martín.
  • San Fermin: The city of Pamplona celebrates only 1 major festival every year during the month of July, the festival of San Firmin. This festival, admired by most worldwide usually comes across as a dangerous yet impressive tradition of Spain. During the festival of San Fermin, hundreds of young men dressed in white clothes teamed with a red belt and a red scarf are literally chased by bulls through the streets. Taking up the challenge of this act is however ones choice. The Bull Run ends with an evening of dance, music and drinks. The festive week of San Fermin is considered as the most interest and exciting week of the entire year, in Pamplona.

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