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The city of Pamplona surprises its visitors with a versatile atmosphere, where for a part of the year the city is a lively center of music with the famous Bull Run and people dancing through the streets enjoying alcohol accounting to a lot of extraordinary fun. While for some part of the year Pamplona is this pleasant place serving delectable dishes amidst its scenic beauty with amicable Pamplona locals walking the streets and chilling at cafes and green parks. The city is rich with ample of tourist attractions most of which depict the history of Pamplona.

  • Churches: Catedral de Santa María la Real y Museo Diocesano is a gothic art of European style that occupies a vast area in the old city part of Pamplona. The interiors of the church are exceptionally beautiful. The church is houses altarpieces, a chapel, a library, a chapter house, intricate carvings and paintings and more.

Gothic church of San Saturnino also referred to as San Cerní is a beautifully designed baroque style church built in the 13th century.

Santo Domingo is a magnificent church build in the 16th century with a gothic appearance.

  • Nightlife: The nightlife of Pamplona is pretty enthusiastic with plenty of popular bars around the corner that serve pintxo (small snacks) with beer or wine. The city is also home to various cafeterias, English pubs, traditional bars and discotheques that play jazz, classical techno and music from various other genres.
  • Parks:  Pamplona has several parks around the river, stretched across vast green areas that are known for their scenic beauty. Ciudadela Park and Media Luna Gardens are parks that are synonymous with these magnificent green areas. Taconera Park is one of the best parks of Pamplona with several monuments, famous personalities and the neoclassical Fountain of Neptune.
  • The Citadel: The citadel is a 16th century building that houses various concerts and exhibitions.
  • Museums: The museum of Navarre located in Pamplona is the perfect example of creative Moorish and Romanesque art along with remarkable Renaissance and gothic work.

Below we have a list of things to do in Pamplona and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Pamplona getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Pamplona with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Pamplona

Here is the list of things to do in Pamplona and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Pamplona Catedral

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    Pamplona Catedral
    Catedral de Santa Maria is situated on the edge of the Old Town of Pamplona. This cathedral was built during the 14th and 15th century. The medieval kings of Navarre were crowned at the cathedral, while some were also buried there. The highlight of the Catedral de Santa María is its cloister. The cathedral is home to Tomb of Carlos III, Santo Cristo de Anchieta, Chapel Barbazana and vari...Read more
  2. Conjunto Fortificado De Pamplona
    Conjunto Fortificado de Pamplona (fortified complex of Pamplona) creates a special environment for people seeking for a pleasant and peaceful time. A stroll around the old fortifications is definitely worth the while. The place has a citadel that is commonly known as the start fort. The place today holds art exhibitions and cultural events. Conjunto Fortificado de Pamplona is a must see in spain.
  3. Monumento Al Encierro

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    Monumento Al Encierro
    Monumento al Encierro has huge sculptures that depict the scenario during the San Fermin festival, where bulls are left to chase people who take part in the Bull Run. The monument is an icon of the area and a perfect spot for photography and selfies. If you miss the San Fermin festival, you can always get the feel of it by visiting this place. Monumento al Encierro is therefore a much recommend...Read more
  4. Ayuntamiento
    Ayuntamiento (town hall) otherwise known as the council of a municipality was built in the 15th century. It is strategically placed in a square right in the center of Casco Viejo. The town hall has a more appealing appearance after dark when it is beautifully lit up. It is the spot in Pamplona where the city gathers during the San Fermin festival for the Bull Run. The entrance of the building h...Read more
  5. La Taconera

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    La Taconera
    La Taconera is the most magnificent park in Pamplona which was created in the year 1830. It occupies 90,000 sq meters and is located near the old quarter of the city. The park is rich with tree plantation, a variety of flowers and beautiful and intricate sculptures. The mini zoo comprises of deer, ducks, goats, pheasants, rabbits, swans, peacocks and more. La Taconera has a play area for kids a...Read more
  6. Parque Natural Urbasa Andia

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    Parque Natural Urbasa Andia
    The Parque Natural Urbasa Andia comprises of four territories namely; Urbasa, Monte Limitations, Sierra de Andia and Bakedano that were declared as a natural park in the year 1997. Limestone rock forms the base of the park which came into existence from the remains of living organisms that lived in the sea 65 million years ago. The park is blessed with the magnificent beauty of nature and is ap...Read more
  7. Museum Of Navarre
    The museum of Navarre is the most emblematic museum of Pamplona. The museum has a magnificent collection of remarkable art work from the pre historic period. The building of the museum comprises of four floors that beautifully depict the heritage of Navarre. The building displays a sequence from Prehistory in the basement to art of the 20th century on the 4th floor. The museum of Navarre is a u...Read more
  8. Iglesia De San Nicolas

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    Iglesia De San Nicolas
    Iglesia de San Nicolas was built in the 12th century with Gothic interiors. The historic church was built in the city of Pamplona not only for the purpose of religious functions but also as a defensive bastion of the quarter during the strife with the neighboring ones of St. Saturnino and Navarrerí. Inside the church, along with the gothic interiors you will find the great organ Baroque ...Read more
  9. Parroquia San Lorenzo

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    Parroquia San Lorenzo
    Parroquia San Lorenzo commonly known as the church of San Lorenzo is an ancient church in Pamplona located at one end of the main street of Calle Taconer. The church was a part of the defense system of Pamplona in early times. The front facade of the church was once bombed and dismantled. The highlight of the church is the chapel of San Fermin. The church is referred to as one of the most impor...Read more
  10. Club De Golf Castillo De Gorraiz
    Club de Golf Castillo de Gorraiz is an 18 hole golf course attached to a luxurious 5 star hotel. The place can create the magic of making you feel out of the world with its scenic beauty and the kiss of nature. If you are living at the hotel, you can also enjoy spas and various other sports.
  11. Centro De Interpretacion De Las Fortificaciones De Pamplona
    Centro de Interpretacion de las Fortificaciones de Pamplona located in the heart of Pamplona is surrounded by beautiful gardens with the Plaza de Toros close by. The center begins at the starting point of a 5 kilometer walk along the fortifications of Pamplona. The attraction is explicit about the defensive system of Pamplona. The informative panel rooms and audiovisual content gives people an ...Read more
  12. Church Of San Saturnino O San Cernin
    The Church of San Saturnino o San Cernin is located in the Old Quarter between the City Hall and the Museum of Navarre. The church can easily be spotted from a distance because of its arched entrance atrium. On the inside, we find the Baroque Chapel of the Virgen del Camino, Lady and Queen of the city that beautify the spacious church. The church also has the ‘pocico’ in which the f...Read more
  13. El Sadar Stadium

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    El Sadar Stadium
    The El Sadar Stadium was opened in the year 1967 with an accommodation for 25,000 spectators. It replaced the San Juan stadium which was sold a year before the opening of El Sadar Stadium. The stadium holds various matches and is admired by plenty of football fans. Located on the edge of the city, you can easily find a few famous hotels around the area. A football fan would definitely love this...Read more
  14. Archivo Real Y General De Navarra Image
    Real and General Archive of Navarra gives its visitors every single historical detail of Naverra. It is a pleasant area and the garden square is equipped with benches and facade of the archive. As you enter the hall, you will find the entire model of the city which is quite magnificent. Here tourists are able to see the writings of king of the city and also variety of artefacts that are on disp...Read more
  15. La Ciudadela

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    La Ciudadela Image
    La Ciudadela is a pentagonal fortress that was constructed under Felipe II’s reign in the 16th century. Out of the fort’s five bastions, there are only three remaining today. On this day, the fortress is used for concerts and exhibitions while the green space is accessible to public and one can choose to stroll around. The place where the fortress stands is absolutely picturesque an...Read more