Best Time To Visit Pamukkale, Turkey

Best Time To Go To Pamukkale

Pamukkale climate is nice and warm throughout the year. The Aegean and the Mediterranean seas make it a pleasant place to be with sunny summers and warm winters. The therapeutic pools are ideal for a visit with family and friends both.

  • Winter: November to Mid-February is the winter season and except for the chilly month of January when the temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius, the winter is also a good time to visit Pamukkale.
  • Spring: One of the best seasons to visit Pamukkale is spring which falls between the months of February and April. The temperature is around 20 degree Celsius and the weather in Pamukkale is pleasant for splashing in the hot springs. Also, the beautiful blossoms make it an alluring sight.
  • Summer: The summer season is usually hot and the temperature stays between 30 to 40 degree Celsius. Although, being a holiday time, the summer months of May to mid-August in Pamukkale are full with tourists.
  • Autumn: The temperature in autumn is considered ideal for visiting Pamukkale. The best months to visit are August, September and October. The month of September is when major festivals in Pamukkale take place making it an ideal month to go to Pamukkale.

The best time to visit Pamukkale is spring and autumn but can vary with the likes of visitors. If visiting Pamakulle for the first time then go with the spring season months of February to April. Autumn can be considered as the crowds are lesser during this period.

Climate in Pamukkale

Know weather for your travel dates:

Today 21 Apr



Clear throughout the day.

Wind:1.4 m/s



  • Sun 22 Apr
    83 | 48

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Mon 23 Apr
    83 | 51

    Clear throughout the day.

  • Tue 24 Apr
    84 | 52

    Partly cloudy overnight.

  • Wed 25 Apr
    84 | 56

    Mostly cloudy overnight.

  • Thu 26 Apr
    83 | 55

    Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.

  • Fri 27 Apr
    84 | 55

    Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Month wise Weather in Pamukkale

Average Temperature in Pamukkale by month

  • 80℉
  • 60℉
  • 40℉
  • 20℉ 0℉

Average temperature: 38℉

Minimum temperature: 21℉

Maximum temperature: 54℉


Average temperature: 46℉

Minimum temperature: 27℉

Maximum temperature: 63℉


Average temperature: 51℉

Minimum temperature: 32℉

Maximum temperature: 73℉


Average temperature: 56℉

Minimum temperature: 39℉

Maximum temperature: 81℉


Average temperature: 64℉

Minimum temperature: 46℉

Maximum temperature: 88℉


Average temperature: 74℉

Minimum temperature: 55℉

Maximum temperature: 102℉


Average temperature: 80℉

Minimum temperature: 61℉

Maximum temperature: 104℉


Average temperature: 79℉

Minimum temperature: 61℉

Maximum temperature: 97℉


Average temperature: 73℉

Minimum temperature: 50℉

Maximum temperature: 95℉


Average temperature: 60℉

Minimum temperature: 36℉

Maximum temperature: 79℉


Average temperature: 50℉

Minimum temperature: 32℉

Maximum temperature: 68℉


Average temperature: 39℉

Minimum temperature: 23℉

Maximum temperature: 57℉

Highest temperature in Pamukkale is recorded as 104℉ in July.

Lowest temperature in Pamukkale is recorded as 21.2℉ in January.

Average Humidity in Pamukkale by Month (in %)

  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25 0

Average Humidity: 75%

Minimum Humidity: 55%

Maximum Humidity: 85%


Average Humidity: 64%

Minimum Humidity: 46%

Maximum Humidity: 84%


Average Humidity: 64%

Minimum Humidity: 43%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 58%

Minimum Humidity: 42%

Maximum Humidity: 79%


Average Humidity: 59%

Minimum Humidity: 42%

Maximum Humidity: 80%


Average Humidity: 53%

Minimum Humidity: 36%

Maximum Humidity: 68%


Average Humidity: 43%

Minimum Humidity: 30%

Maximum Humidity: 55%


Average Humidity: 52%

Minimum Humidity: 38%

Maximum Humidity: 65%


Average Humidity: 45%

Minimum Humidity: 34%

Maximum Humidity: 72%


Average Humidity: 58%

Minimum Humidity: 44%

Maximum Humidity: 88%


Average Humidity: 72%

Minimum Humidity: 53%

Maximum Humidity: 83%


Average Humidity: 67%

Minimum Humidity: 48%

Maximum Humidity: 88%

Most humid month in Pamukkale is January.

Least humid month in Pamukkale is July.

Best time to visit Pamukkale Attractions in April