Best Things To Do in Paphos, Cyprus

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  • Paphos boasts 27 public beaches, including 12 that are Blue Flag awarded, where you can dive, swim and snorkel. As well as this Cyprus is bursting with history.
  • The island has a plethora of ancient settlements that have been destroyed and rebuilt, again and again, over the passing of time.
  • North of the harbour there are The Saranta Kolones or Forty Columns, the ruins of an ancient castle, built on the base of 40 granite columns around the 7thcentury, with dungeons and towers to be explored.
  • Paphos Fort, originally a Byzantine fort, is located at the Kato Paphos harbour and connected to the harbour via an arched bridge. The fort is a protected UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Amateur art historians should visit The Mosaics of Paphos, also near the harbour. The preserved remains, from the 3rdto 5thcentury AD, are floor mosaics depicting scenes from Greek mythology, and can be seen in the Villas of Dionysus, Orpheus, Aion, and Theseus.
  • For a blend of history and entertainment, enjoy some live performances at the ancient limestone ruins of the Acropolis, near the new Paphos Lighthouse.


Nightlife is busy in Paphos, there is always something to do somewhere;

  • Aces Cocktail Bar: For a warm Aussie atmosphere, you can try the Aces Cocktail Bar which is owned and run by an Australian Cypriot. Their drinks and beer are cool, nice cocktails, karaoke night each and every Sunday.
  • Blues Brotherz Bar: Very popular spot, every night is a party night.  A wide range of music, from R&B and Hip Hop to Heavy Rock.
  • Hollywood Music Bar: Conveniently located in the city centre. There is always a live DJ to entertain you. There is also a pool table.

Below we have a list of things to do in Paphos and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Paphos getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Paphos with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Paphos

Here is the list of things to do in Paphos and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Tombs Of The Kings

    4.3 (903 Votes)
    Tombs Of The Kings

    Religious Site, Tomb

    Though not quite as majestic as the necropolis of the pharaohs in Egypt, the tombs here nevertheless have their own gravitas. It’s unfortunate, but most of the artefacts that might have been buried here are long looted, leaving only the solid rock Doric architecture. It’s thought that the walls were once decorated with frescoes and covered in stucco. Stairs lead down into rectangula...Read more
  2. Coral Bay

    4.4 (861 Votes)
    Coral Bay

    Outdoors, Beach, Water Body, Restaurant

    Every place in the world has it’s own little seaside paradise, and for Paphos, it is Coral Bay. The cove is a cute horseshoe shape flanked by limestone cliffs. For all it’s seaside location, most beaches in Paphos aren’t exactly glamorous, but this one more than makes up for it. The shallow waters make it an excellent place for a family outing. There are lots of excellent faci...Read more
  3. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    Choose the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park for a pleasant walk after a visit to a nearby beach . The Archaeological Park is home to various Greko Roman mosaics, ruins like tombs, amphitheatre and the castle. The park is extremely old which gives you an exceptionally good historic experience. On a visit to Paphos you should treat yourself with some time at the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park.
  4. Aphrodite's Rock

    4.5 (767 Votes)
    Aphrodite's Rock

    Outdoors, Beach, Geological Formation

    Aphrodite was a Greek Goddess believed to be born in Cyprus emanated from a sea in the city of Paphos.The Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility was religiously worshiped by the people of the Aphrodite Island, Cyprus. The Aphrodite’s rock locally recognized as Petra tou Romiou is an offshore rock that stands along the road between Paphos and Limassol. Aphrodite’s rock is a recommend...Read more
  5. Paphos Harbour Castle

    4.1 (715 Votes)
    Paphos Harbour Castle

    Outdoors, Landmark, View Point, Castle

    This unassuming structure has served quite a number of uses. It was a Byzantine fort to begin with. An earthquake devastated it and so the Franks refortified it in the 1200s. The Venetians broke it before the Ottomans could take over in 1570, and then the Ottomans rebuilt it. Finally, the British used it in the 20th century as a salt warehouse. If all this sounds singularly unromantic, that&rsq...Read more
  6. Pafos Zoo

    4.3 (508 Votes)
    Pafos Zoo

    Wildlife Park, Zoo

    Pafos Zoo isn’t exactly that well known, but it’s a treasure regardless. It’s actually quite large and more than a little popular for it’s bird and parrot shows so that its unique park in Cyprus. It was originally a private collection of birds and the now public zoo is the third largest of it’s kind in Europe. The Paphos Zoo has been consistently acquiring animals ...Read more
  7. Aiyos Neophytos Monastary

    Religious Site, Monastery

    Neophytos is remembered for the historical records he kept of the crusades contemporary to his time. Religious early in his life, he tried various times over the course of his young life to take up a hermitic lifestyle. When he finally founded his hermitage in 1159 in the hills north of Paphos, his reputation spread to the city and a little over a decade later he was formally ordained a priest ...Read more
  8. Super Aphrodite Waterpark

    4.5 (330 Votes)
    Super Aphrodite Waterpark

    Amusement Park, Theme Park, Water Park, Water Sport

    Think of Paphos and you won’t immediately think of a waterpark, but the place isn’t half bad. Pricey though. It’s got all your standard waterpark attractions and then some. There’s the kamikaze, the freefall, the family rafting river, the super volcano, the Jacuzzi, a leisure pool, kids area etc. If you’re looking for something non historical to do with the family,...Read more
  9. Paphos Municipal Baths

    4.2 (724 Votes)
    Paphos Municipal Baths

    Beach, Leisure, Water Sport

    The beach is more a quick getaway for the residents of Paphos rather than a true attraction. That said, it carries all the general charm of the seashore clean and beautiful water, white sands, a wooden lounging deck etc. Sun beds and umbrellas are available in the summer months. Thanks to the shallow water, the place is quite popular with families with small children. There are some water sport...Read more
  10. Adonis Baths Water Falls

    4 (459 Votes)
    Adonis Baths Water Falls

    Water Body

    This is frankly not the greatest of Paphos’ attractions, but the falls will hold a dear spot in your heart if you’re tracking down the sites of great mythological significance. The Greek  gods Adonis and Aphrodite are supposed to have made this place their home, and the children they had here are supposed to have become the people of Paphos. It’s a hidden treasure at the ...Read more
  11. Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

    Conservation Centre

    Lara bay has a beautiful beach in the shape of a horse shoe that is home to a turtle conservation station. The turtle station is home to CarettaCaretta and Green Turtles. As the species is at a threat of getting extinct, the conservation station in Cyprus has kept their conservation in priority. The conservation center is extremely informative. One of the most coveted species of turtles to be s...Read more
  12. Saint Paul's Pillar

    4.7 (315 Votes)
    Saint Paul's Pillar

    Church, Religious Site, Observatory, Archaeological Site

    The Saint Paul's Pillar is the highlight of a church more commonly known as the Church of Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa.The church is a symbol of many incarnations of Christian worship, along with Basilicas and churches built on top of one another over a very lengthy period of time. The church is very informative about the building belonging to different ages. The church makes for a very peacefu...Read more
  13. Kings Avenue Mall

    4.4 (242 Votes)
    Kings Avenue Mall

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Mall, Shopping Center

    Kings Avenue Mall is a typical mall with everything under one roof. The mall is replete with shops selling exclusive and trending stuff and is very well priced. The top floor of the mall is an eating area where you have plenty of food outlets serving different cuisines. The mall is an ideal place to brighten up your mood with some sophisticated shopping and delectable food.
  14. St. Solomon's Catacombs

    4.3 (230 Votes)
    St. Solomon's Catacombs

    Church, Religious Site

    The St. Solomon's Catacombs is a petite church which was initially recognized as the Christian catacomb. The church is believed to heal diseased people from sickness and grant the needy a wish in the bargain of any one of their belongings to be tied to a specific tree by the church. People in all faith follow this tradition. Otherwise, this petite cave like church is a beauty to be experienced.
  15. Elea Golf

    Outdoors, Golf Course

    The Elea Golf is a magnificent 18 hole course with the breathtaking scenic beauty of nature. The golf course is covers a stretch along the eastern Mediterranean and the old town of Paphos. A full length driving range is also part of the course. The Elea golf course is an entertaining getaway and an easy diversion into sports, off the daily routine.