How to Reach Paraty - The Easiest Way to Reach Paraty


  • The best and economical way to get to Paraty is by bus. Buses to andfrom Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo run quite frequently to Paraty and back. The journey takes four to six hours respectively.
  • You could also take a cruise ship or a sailboat to the harbour at Paraty from Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis or Ilha Grande.


  • The best way to explore the city, especially the historic town, would be on foot.
  • No vehicle other than the taxi isallowed within the historic district.
  • Taxis can turn out to be quite expensive; since they have no meters, remember to negotiate the farebefore you hop in.
  • There are buses that run to town and the beaches and the Trinidade. Ask your hotel for the nearest bus stop and find a map with all the stops.

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How to Reach Paraty from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Volta redonda to Paraty 86.42 km 1 hour 26 mins
Rio de janeiro to Paraty 169.98 km 2 hours 49 mins
São bernardo do campo to Paraty 209.16 km 3 hours 29 mins
Sao paulo to Paraty 214.81 km 3 hours 34 mins
Campinas to Paraty 260.98 km 4 hours 20 mins
Buenos aires to Paraty 1706.64 km 28 hours 26 mins
Washington, d. c. to Paraty 4501.02 km 75 hours 1 mins
Mclean to Paraty 4505.7 km 75 hours 5 mins
Repentigny to Paraty 4627.52 km 77 hours 7 mins
San antonio to Paraty 5644.52 km 94 hours 4 mins