Best Time To Visit Parit Buntar

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Best Time To Go To Parit Buntar

Parit Buntar experience tropical climate with high temperature and high humidity throughout the year. The day temperature stays around 32 degree Celsius while the nights have 25 degree Celsius. That’s why, categorizing the climate of Parit Buntar into different seasons is very difficult.

Hence, if you are planning to visit Parit Buntar for the first time, differentiate the months according to the amount of rainfall the city receives. So, according to the level of precipitation, September and October receive maximum rainfall. On the other hand, December, January and February receives the least rainfall. March to July receives moderate rainfall. Thus, the best time to visit Parit Buntar is from December to February. However, for enjoying water activities March to July will be perfect as the water will be warm and you will be able to enjoy your swimming session.

However, don’t forget to carry an umbrella to protect yourself from rainfall.

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