11 Best Things To Do in Parker Strip, Arizona

An essential guide to the very best things to do in and around Parker Strip.

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Parker Strip is a city in the state of Arizona in the United States. The city falls under La Paz County and is a census-designated place. There are a number of things to do in Parker Strip as the city offers many nature-oriented attractions like camping ground, recreational parks, and nature preserves. For recreational purposes, you can check out the museums, historic dams, casino, golf course, ghost town and many restaurants and pubs. Listed below are the top tourist attractions in Parker Strip, where you can have a great time.

Let's explore Parker Strip points of interest and 11 best things to do in Parker Strip:

1. Camping at Buckskin Mountain State Park

Buckskin Mountain State Park is a picturesque place in Parker Strip that offers you fun-filled water adventure, mountain hikes, and a desert escape. For camping, this is one of the best places to visit in Parker Strip as it has 80 RV and camping sites. All the camping sites are equipped with picnic table and barbeque grill.

There are facilities like a playground, restaurant, park store, volleyball and basketball court, picnic area, boat ramp, cabana sites, gas dock and hiking trails.  The park also provides you fishing opportunities at the Colorado River which is stocked with fishes like Crappie, Sunfish, Bluegill, Catfish and many more.

2. Observe the Colorado River Indian Tribes

Colorado River Indian Tribes is a museum that covers the history of the tribes that once resided in the Colorado River valley.  There is no entrance fee in the museum and it is opened from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The museum throws light on the four tribes that formed the Colorado River Indian Tribes namely Chemehuevi, Navajo, Mohave, and Hopi. There are many displays of their handicraft like woven baskets, clay work, cradleboards, beading work and many more. There are also displays about the history of Japanese Internment Camp of World War II based at Poston. The museum also has a gift shop. 

3. Enjoy water sports in Parker Strip

Wet and Wyld Watersports offers a wide selection of water sports equipment like 3-seater Seadoos, 3 seaters sit down Waverunners, Jetskis, Ski Boats and Pontoon boats. You can enjoy waterskiing or fishing on a Jet Ski. If you are looking for some thrill rides you can even hire a Waverunner to move about in the water at an exhilarating speed. You can even hire a Pontoon boat for a group outing on the river. The services of Wet and Wyld Watersports are opened all around the year and enjoying water sports with them is one of the most popular points of interest in Parker Strip.

4. Enjoy at La Paz County Park

If you are looking for outdoor fun, then La Paz County Park is an apt place for you situated along the Colorado River. The park offers you many recreational enjoyments like swimming, golfing, water sports, camping, boating, and hiking. 114 RV sites for camping with facilities like riverfront Ramadas with cabana, cable TV, water and power supply will make your weekend getaway enjoyable. There are also softball field, Tennis Court and volleyball courts available in the park. One of the best aspects of the park is that it has 3 separate dog parks where your pet can have a good time.

5. Explore Ahakhav Tribal Preserve

Ahakhav Tribal Preserve is one of the major tourist attractions in Parker Strip, thanks to its river inlets and abundance of trees. The preserve was established in 1995 with 3.5-acre park area and 1,253 acres of wild area. The site provides you picnic pavilions and seating arrangements.  There is even a playground for children to have some fun time. You can enjoy activities like canoeing, swimming, and fishing along the Colorado River backwater. There is an excellent opportunity for bird watching which includes colorful songbirds.

6. Visit the Parker Dam

Parker Dam that impounds the Colorado River is 261 meters in length and 98 meters in height. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam and holds the record for being the deepest dam in the world. The dam is a great place to visit to have a majestic view of the surrounding mountainous and desert areas. The primary function of the dam is to generate hydroelectricity power. 

7. Play golf at Emerald Canyon Golf Course

If you are a golf enthusiast, then Emerald Canyon Golf Course is a place you would love to visit for the 18 holes par 72 championship course.  With facilities like two practice greens, lighted driving range, beverage cart, snack bar and many more, it is referred as ‘The Jewel of the Desert” for its impressive beauty. The site also offers you a panoramic view of the Colorado River from the summit of the fairway which makes it one of the best places to visit in Parker Strip.

8. Visit the Blue Water Resort & Casino

Blue Water Resort & Casino is a fine resort in Parker Strip which provides excellent accommodations, entertainment, dining and much more. There is also a marina with more than 100 slips offering a boat launch, a marina shop, and free wireless internet connectivity. Security is ensured with the 24 hours security surveillance. The resort offers you 200 deluxe rooms with river views and 4 different dining sections like the “River Willow Steakhouse”, “Bluewater Grille”, “River Walk Deli” and “River’s Edge and Cantina where you can relish varieties of cuisine.

9. Visit the Swansea Ghost Town

Swansea Ghost Town is a great place to visit if you are someone who appreciates derelict sites with a rich history. Swansea town was active until 1924 and was renowned as a mining town. On a visit to this ghost town, you can find the ruins of the smelter and two old cemeteries. You can also see the remnants of the railroad depot and numerous adobe structures as well as a queue of single-miners’ quarters in the region. You can enjoy ATV rides here with excellent spots for photo shoots.

10. Spend leisure time at restaurants 

Parker Strip provides you with several top-notch restaurants where you can have leisurely time out while exploring the tourist attractions in Parker Strip. On a visit to the restaurant like “Carniceria- Tierra Caliente,” you can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine. Some of the other top restaurants are “Lily’s Mexican Food”, “Big Bellie Subs” and “The Springs Dining” where, along with delicious foods, you would be served beverages of all kinds.

11. Enjoy Balloon rides at Parker Strip

If you are looking for hot air balloon rides, then Wanderlust Balloons in Parker Strip will surely give you a wonderful experience.  The balloon ride is about 45 minutes in duration offering you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful countryside. Most flights fly between heights of 500-2000 feet. You can even bring your camera during the balloon rides to capture the excellent views, which is one of the most entertaining things to do in Parker Strip. Flights here will provide you a wonderful aerial view of the Colorado River and its beautiful landscape.

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