How to Reach Pau


  • By Air: Pau airport is connected with flights from Brussels and London. The other airports around are in Biarritz (1hr 14 min drive) and Toulouse (2hr 5 min drive).
  • By Train: The train station is in the heart of the city. It has local and TGV trains from Paris, Bordeaux, Bayonne.
  • By Car: Pau can be reached by car using these routes. A10 or A65 from Paris and Orleans. A64 from San Sebastián or Toulouse.
  • By Bus: If you want to reach Pau from Orthez, there is a bus 801 running frequently.


  • By Bus: IDELIS operates bus service in the town at EUR 1 per ticket.
  • By Cablecar: A funicular or cable car is available every three minutes moving from above the railway station to parkings du Stadium.
  • By Navette Bus: A free navette bus service called La Coxitis moves around the parkings of the city and has 19 stations.
  • By Bicycle: You can rent a bicycle at free of cost for the first 30 minutes and EUR 1 from the next hour.
  • By Car: You can hire cars. It will be useful for visting attractions outside town.
Route Distance Time
Jurançon to Pau 6.48 km 6 mins
Lescar to Pau 10.2 km 10 mins
Gan to Pau 11.33 km 11 mins
Aubertin to Pau 16.3 km 16 mins
Sauveterre-de-béarn to Pau 67.03 km 1 hour 7 mins
Pey to Pau 101.27 km 1 hour 41 mins
Saubrigues to Pau 112.44 km 1 hour 52 mins
Mouguerre to Pau 120.19 km 2 hours 52 mins
Bordeaux to Pau 170.47 km 2 hours 50 mins
Cenon to Pau 171.96 km 2 hours 51 mins