How to Reach Perth


  • By Air: Perth Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. Several major domestic and international airlines operate from the airport. The airport has 4 terminals, which are connected by road from the outside. T1 is an international terminal while T2, T3 serve domestic and regional flights and T4 is only used by Quantas for domestic flights. There are fights to Perth from Johannesburg, Auckland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Guangzhou and Doha and several other major cities in the world.
  • By Train: The famous Indian Pacific trans-continental train journey run by Great Southern Railway operates services from Perth to Sydney with stops at Kalgoorlie, Adelaide and Broken Hill. There are also interstate train services from Perth via Kalgoorlie to Boulder operated by Transwa. Trains to and from Perth operate from East Perth station and central station.
  • By Boat: This was the only means of travel to Perth in the olden days. Today to some ships call at Fremantle port. Cruise ships like the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Victoria dock at Fremantle Passenger Terminal as part of their world cruise. However, travel to Perth by sea is an expensive affair.
  • By Road: Although there are no bus services from other cities in Australia across the Nullarbor Plain, one can opt for adventure bus tours that do road trips that include camping and sightseeing along the way. Car rentals are also available for those wishing to make the long adventurous journey.


Perth has several public transport options to get around and in and out of the CBD.

  • By Train: The three main stations are the Esplanade, Perth Underground Station and Perth Railway Station with trains operating frequently. For those wishing to travel to the outer regions, trains are available from Claisebrook, McIver and West Perth.
  • By Bus: One can either travel on the Transperth buses or the CAT buses throughout the CBD and suburbs.
  • Transperth buses ply routes in and out of the city and throughout the Free Transit Zone (FTZ), which allows for free travel within the boundaries of City of Perth. There are signs along the route that indicate the FTZ limits and for travel beyond the area a ticket must be purchased. Transperth buses operate from the Wellington Street or Esplanade Busports.
  • CAT buses are free hop on hop off services that operate all day long throughout the city. They operate on three color-coded routes, Red, Yellow and Blue and information regarding the routes can be obtained from most tourist information kiosks around the city.
  • By Taxi: There are designated taxi ranks throughout the city. One can also hail a taxi on the street or order one by phone. During weekends and peak hours taxis can be hard to find and the wait time can be very long. The major taxi operators in the city are Swan Taxis, Black & White Taxis and Independent Taxis.
  • By Bicycle or On Foot: Perth can be easily explored by bicycle or on foot as the city has developed infrastructure and pathways to facilitate travel. There are several bicycle routes that run along major roads and through parks. There are U-rails and bike available throughout the city.