How to Reach Perugia


  • By Train: It is best to go by train. From Terontola, i.e. off the main Florence-Rome line, you will get train to reach your destination. You can also opt for private Umbria train line out of StazioneSant Anna.
  • By Flight: This city doesn’t have any airport. So, you won’t get any direct flight to Perugia. Hence, the nearest Perugia airport you will get is in Rome, Pisa And Florence. From there, you can take train, bus or car.
  • By Car: You can hire a car from Perugia airport like SantEgido International airport. Prices are affordable if you make the arrangement beforehand.


  • By Bus: For travelling around the city, public transportation is the best place you can think of. City buses are available at every 20-30 minutes and will take you which ever place you wish to visit within the city. Some of them even run in the outskirts regions as well. Nearly half of the population of this city uses these buses, especially from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Hence, when you are in a mood to travel around the city for visit, remember this time schedule.
  • By Taxi: Otherwise, if you think of taxi, it won’t be a bad idea. However, it will not be that economical than travelling in a bus.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Perugia. The most preferred mode of transport in Perugia is Walking.

Average distance: 12.5 km Average time: 35 min

  • Walking 50%
    Walking 40 min Driving 10 min Overall average time for 10 kms 50 min
  • Car 50%
    Driving 20 min Overall average time for 15 kms 20 min
Route Distance Time
Ospedalicchio to Perugia 14.37 km 14 mins
Magione to Perugia 20.76 km 20 mins
Assisi to Perugia 26.3 km 26 mins
Urbino to Perugia 71.73 km 1 hour 11 mins
Rome to Perugia 138.48 km 2 hours 18 mins
Florence to Perugia 152.14 km 2 hours 32 mins
Campi bisenzio to Perugia 158.72 km 2 hours 38 mins
Prato to Perugia 163.89 km 2 hours 43 mins
Naples to Perugia 324.85 km 5 hours 24 mins
Trento to Perugia 347.9 km 5 hours 47 mins
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