How to Reach Philadelphia


  • By Air: Philadelphia International Airport has the best connectivity to the rest of the nation compared to any other city in Pennsylvania. Many flight options are available at convenient timings that connect Philadelphia to the biggest airports in USA.
  • By Train: Philadelphia is an important connection on the Amtrak’s Northeastern and Keystone lines. There are trains available at suitable intervals of about 30 minutes apart that connect Philly to major cities like NYC and Washington.


  • Taxi: Taxis in Philly are convenient and plenty. They are all regulated and display a medallion that keeps them accountable. Trips to the airport have a flat charge of about $28. Do remember to tip if you find the ride to be pleasant!

Public Transport:

  • SEPTA : The Southeastern Pennsylvania Public Transit Authority runs the regional rail and most of the local buses that run in and around the city. There is an extremely well connected network of buses and trains in Philadelphia.
  • Buses : SEPTA buses are wheelchair friendly. It is best to buy and stock up on tokens that are discounted and easily available in wending machines at subway stations. The SEPTA one day convenience pass entitles you to 8 free rides across town on all modes of transit, except regional lines. The Independence Pass is also a good one day pass that gives you the convenience of travelling even on regional lines. Travelers’ tip: Do understand that given the traffic, Buses are quite slow in reaching their destination. The base fare for buses, trolleys and subways is $2.
  • Rail : Regional Rail connects commuters from all around Philly to the city center. They are frequent and usually run on time. The stations are located close to the main shopping district, financial district and many other important places like the Convention center. SEPTA also operates two elevated subway lines along with a Subway-Surface line that connects to the city center. The PATCO High speed line is also fast and agreeable option that one can take.
  • Tourist Buses : Philadelphia Trolley Works – Hop on these hip tourist buses that look like the famous London double-decker buses. The bus tours give you an excellent orientation of the city’s must visit tourist attractions. The ticket costs approximately $27 for roughly a one hour ride on this hop-on, hop-off bus. Most of these buses have wheelchair access.
  • PHLASH Buses- These purple buses are tailored for touring. Ask the bus driver any number of questions about the sights that you see from the wide windows of the bus, he will be happy to answer all of them. The all day individual bus pass comes at a reasonable $5.The whole ride takes about 50 minutes and makes close to 20 stops.
  • Car : Philadelphia is connected to major cities by interstate highways and many travelers prefer getting their own car in this huge city. If you are contemplating driving within the city, know that most city center streets are one way. Philly parking laws are stringent and taken extremely seriously by the locals. Pedestrians have the first right on Philly roads, so be prepared to be frustrated of jaywalkers and turtle-paced traffic!
  • On Foot : Philadelphia loves pedestrians! Walking is encouraged in this lovely city and the ‘Walk Philadelphia!’ signs direct you to the shopping malls and other attractions. Take a walking tour and admire Philly’s eventful past and boisterous present.
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