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Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. The approximate size of Phuket is equal to Singapore. It has been a hot spot for tourists from all over the world since many years now.

The sandy blue beaches, mountains, Buddha temples, authentic Thai cuisine, and jungles make Phuket an extraordinary travel destination. The nightlife is quite vibrant too and you can literally not have enough of this city. Every year, thousands of beach-parched travellers throng the soft white sands of this popular island, making Phuket tours one of the most sought-after holiday activities.

Spend your family holidays in Phuket where you can indulge with your loved ones in world class hospitality that does not burn a hole in the pocket, or plan a scuba diving trip to Phuket with your buddies to discover the wealth of flora and fauna under the crystal clear waters.

There is so much to explore underneath, that no number of days can do complete justice to all that this city has to offer to you. You cannot help but getting mesmerized and absorbed in the lovely flora and fauna or a completely different life that the waters of Phuket actually does offer to you.

The only travel tip you need for your trip to Phuket is to carry lots of sunblock and leave all your inhibitions behind. Each one of you should visit Phuket at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Phuket.

Essential travel information and Phuket tips for your visit

Essential Info

  • Time zone: Comes under Thailand Time Zone. UTC+7:00
  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Internet: Internet cafes can be found all over Phuket which provide Internet access. 30-150 Baht per hour is the general rate. Lot of places give free wi-fi access.
  • Electricity: The voltage is 220-240AC. Remember to carry an adapter.
  • Languages: Central Thai is the official language and used in business and tourism areas. People in general use southern Thai dialect, which sounds more succinct and is spoken faster than the central Thai. English is understood in tourist areas.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Police-191
  • Fire-199
  • Tourist Police- 1155
  • Phuket tourist rescue center- (+66) 076.383.907-9
  • Phuket International Hospital Ambulance Service: (+66) 076.210.935

Security Measures

  • Thailand is a comparatively poor country and hence the crime rates are low. The locals in Phuket are quite used to seeing foreign visitors that are wealthier than themselves and yet their reaction is warm and friendly.
  • Do not transport illegal drugs in or out of Thailand or deal in drugs.
  • Punishments are severe up to and including death. Do not carry luggage or items for other people unless you know exactly what they contain.
  • All people in Thailand are required to carry a recognised form of ID. For most foreign visitors, this will mean their passport.

Off Beaten Path

  • Discover Phang Nga on your own. Use the ferry rides.
  • Take a short boat ride to Bon Island
  • Hike up the Radar Hill. The view point from here is beautiful. 
  • Discover Secret Phuket Old Town.
  • Find Wat Tham Suwan Khuha.


  • Tipping is not customary in Thailand, there is absolutely no mandatory requirement to tip anyone, but small gratuities for great service arealways appreciated.
  • Tipping in hotels is not compulsary, but you can always leave 20- 50 baht for the porter that carried your bags or even leave that much under your pillow for the cleaner.
  • In all restaurants it is a general practice to leave behind any loose change in coins as a tip. In more upscale restaurants, where the service seems excellent to you,giving a larger tip of 5 to 10 percent is a common norm.
  • Massage ladies commonly get a more substantial tip of 100 baht.

Tourist Trap

  • Beware of people who befriend you ON the street. In all probability, they have an ulterior motive. If they want to take you to a shop or tour then it is because of the commission they get. 
  • Tuk-tuk drivers may take you to shops where they get commission.
  • You have to be careful when renting cars, motorbikes, jet-skis or other vehicles from street/beach renters. There is a common scam that when you return the vehicle, they claim it has been damaged or scratched and demand compensation. The damage is often pre-existing.
  • Do not get dragged into any get-rich-quick schemes. It is not easy to make money in Thailand.
  • Beware of anybody offering you assistance at ATMs. There have been recent events of seemingly helpful passers-by offering help with ATM problems when what they are really doing is swiping your card and taking a note of your PIN.

Phuket Trip Planner

Plan your customized day by day trip plan for Phuket. Choose from various experinces categories as adventure, romantic and family and kids friendly for your trip using using Phuket trip planner.

The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Phuket

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